Training – 12 Miles in Capitol Hill

Saturday’s long slow distance run was my first real long run of the year. Actually it was my longest long run of the year so far. A cool pleasant evening in the city, a chance to just talk and run, and a few cool down laps with the dogs made for a great foray back into the training cycle. I keep hearing about this extreme cold spell overtaking the country, but here in the Pacific Northwest, at least for this past weekend, it was sunny and 45 degrees (f) outside!

The plan for long runs in the city usually consist of picking out a few parks and linking them together as best as I can with as few traffic light interruptions as possible. There are a decent number of urban trails of packed gravel or dirt and even a bit of singletrack mostly all along the waterfront which can be pieced together between the city parks. It’s quite easy to run a full marathon or more in the heart of city, mere feet from the water without ever having to stop or move to the side except for maybe a biker, rollerblader, a dog (or two), or in my case other runners passing me.

This 12 mile long run took us along sidewalk streets through the small, but incredibly dense and diverse flora and fauna packed Seattle University. From there we worked our way over to the short, but steady decent singletrack Interlaken trail. A short sidestep traverses a quaint neighborhood with a few blocks of less common Seattle brick homes. A short bridge leads you to the Arboretum where rolling numerous double wide trails  parallel and cross each other making for an infinite amount of routes one could take, but all ending at the same point. The final stretch of this 9 mile portion was back home, straight up the hill from Madison Valley and back through the always busy Cal Anderson Park to home. I finished out the run by taking Valor on a modified “usual 1 mile loop” and Tucker on an extended “usual 1 mile loop” (which was really 2 miles).

“And finishing off – a 12 mile run!”

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