When a Half Marathon Isn’t Really 13.1 Miles.

As with the last post, everything rehashed is completely true. Of course they are.

After the Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k, but before the next race.
Immediately after the Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k, we lingered around the gym, still on a runner’s high from just completing our ‘first 5k!’ We found the table full of fresh fruit and energy bars, stocked a few handfuls and did the slow shuffle through the crowd eerily similar to what I remember once doing at a high school dance quite possibly at that exact spot. As we reached the exit, I looked around one last time, sure I’d recognize someone, an old classmate or teacher maybe and sure enough there blocking our exit was an old soccer teammate. After catching up over a decade of life in 15 seconds, he planted the seed. It’s his story to tell, but what an inspiring story it was! Thank you very much Chris.

Seeing no one else I recognized, we hopped in the car and on the drive back to my parent’s home I heard a conversation which apparently I participated in:

K: “So, what’s next?”
Me: “Next?”
“Yeah, next. So, I’m going to run a half marathon.” (This was said matter of factly.)
“Yeah, ok. Have fun.” (This was also said matter of factly.)
“What, you don’t want to run it with me?” (I really didn’t.)
“Uh, no. That’s a long ways. Far longer than a 5k.” (I can verify that.)
“Ok, well I’m running it and of course I want you to run with me.”
“Plus, that doesn’t sound like fun.”
“There’s an early bird sign up special for the US Air Force Half Marathon tomorrow.”
“Sure. If, you do it, I’ll do it.” (For the record I only said this because I didn’t think she actually would sign up.)

She did sign up. And just like that I was committed to my first half marathon, but more on that in a later post.

Even a month after returning home I still didn’t believe she would actually go through with the run. After all it was still 8+ months away – plenty of time to back out. Of course she’ll back out, right? I was wrong (again). I grudging went out on a few short training runs while we googled all the potential half marathon training plans we could and slowly I grew to looking forward to the daily run. Slowly, but ever so surely immersing ourselves in all things running related, we pieced together a 30+ week half marathon training plan.

Eventually curiosity got the best of her and she couldn’t resist. She typed, “marathon training plan” into the search engine and that’s when the planted seed from months ago really started to grow. Turns out 30+ plus weeks is not only more than enough to train for a half marathon starting from zero running, but by most accounts more than adequate time to train for a full marathon with a half marathon thrown in the middle of the schedule just for good measure (or to keep you honest) (or because you’re going to end up running farther than that on your long run, so you might as well) (or to benchmark your progress) (or to practice a race situation). You can probably see where this is going, but it took me a week or so to see what was eventually going to happen with full clarity. After a bit more research, syncing our training schedule to coincide with a ‘local’ race, and with blind faith both in the training plan and in ourselves, our planned first half marathon turned into our first planned full marathon.

The new plan was to run the US Air Force Marathon in September with an interlude at the Vancouver, BC Half Marathon in May.

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