01/06 – 01/12


Missed the workout. It was cold out and I didn’t feel like running.

8mile, 1:10, ~600′ – CH 10k + Poly^2
Cold and raining. Took TV out at the same time for a cool down loop. They poop outside and never pick up their own poop, so I pick it up for them.

10K, 0:52, ~550′ – CH 10k
0.25 mile intervals with 0.25 mile jog in the daytime.

4mile, 0:32, – 0′ – Treadmill
Make-up run from missed run earlier in the week. Set it to a constant 1% incline, but not knowing whether the treadmill is level, it’s hard to tell whether that means there was any actual elevation gain or not.

15mile, 3:09, ~3500′ – Larrabee State Park
We ran the first 7 miles following the Fragrance Lake Half Marathon trail. Took a few wrong turns and added a bit of elevation, but mostly found the trail runnable even with a few downed trees. It was a gradual climb  to Fragrance Lake, but we bombed the downhill 2 miles back to the Interurban Trail. I  turned around climbed back up the 800′ of elevation to finish out the run. Got a little lost (again) and then it started raining, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, the fog rolled in, and it got dark. Would definitely like to go back for another run.

12mile, 1:50, ~800′ – Eastlake/UW/Foster Island
Strength run. Ran as fast as I wanted to and as slow as I wanted to and walked a few short sections of uphills. Legs felt fairly good for the first long back to back of the year. January is so dreary, cool, but not cold, and lacking in sunshine and daylight hours right now. Listened to  Elevation Trail and RunRunLive 3.0 podcasts for the whole run.

Running miles: 45.0
Running time: 7:33
Running vertical gain: 5400′

The week started off slow with a missed workout, but ended on a high note with a pair of great long run sessions on some new trails and even getting a bit of night time headlamp and flashlight running in and a back to back run on Sunday that I felt strong for the whole run. Next week is a ‘recovery week’ where I’ll cut back on the miles. I’m feeling good about where I’m at in my training and looking forward to stepping up the weekly mileage.

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