01/13 – 01/19

Climbing at SBP.

4 mile, 0:37, ~350′ – Random CH streets
Tuesdays always seems to be hard to get out the door and go run. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because this is my shortest run of the week? It’s the ‘rest’ run hangover after the long back to backs from the weekend? Weather was warm (for January), not raining and a borderline nice night to run – nice enough to wear shorts and only a long sleeved shirt. Sluggish legs and right hip was tight – should probably start stretching before/after runs but I know myself and probably won’t. Talk Ultra podcast filled my headphones.

45min indoor soccer and 10k, 0:58, ~500′ – CH 10k
Tried to run in my zone 2 heart rate zone, but struggled to run slower – it feels so unnatural to try to run even slower than what’s comfortable. Listened to an episode of the RunRunLive 3.0 podcast and an episode of the No Meat Athlete which had a fascinating interview with Ray Cronise, who figured out he could lose weight by lowering his body temperature. See his TED talk here. Is it me or does everyone have a TED talk clip now?

10K, 0:56, ~550′ – CH 10k
Ran with a friend after work. Opened up a bit on the downhills, but talked for most of the run, except when we didn’t. Then we just ran.


10mile, 2:32, ~3100′ – Squak Mountain
Spent a bunch of time route finding. Lots of vertical equals lots of hiking uphills instead of running, but somehow that never turns into galloping downhill twice as fast. Hopefully the vertical gain will eventually turn into better running speed on low and moderate sloped uphills. Ran by myself with my phone blaring old episodes of Ultra Talk, which is fine except that most of the information is over a year old, so I tend to zone out for tens of minutes at a time.

10mile, 1:51 ~1300′ – St Edward State Park
Forgot my Discover Pass and didn’t want to pay the $10 day fee, when I already had a year pass. Thankfully the Big Finn Hill Park (Home to the Kirkland National Little League, winners of the Little League World Series in 1982 and subject of an ESPN 30 for 30: Little Big Men documentary) (and apparently  a contingent of LARPers) was just down the street with trails that connected the two parks together. Big Fin Hill Park has numerous intersecting trails making the small park larger than it really is. I followed a connecting trail skirting Bastyr University which gently wound its way down to the shores of Lake WashingtonFrom here it ascended straight uphill leading me back to the warmth of the car.

Running miles: 37.3
Running time: 6:54
Running vertical gain: 5800′

The ‘recovery week’ was sort of a success in that it was a week of less and more. The miles and time training came down, but the vertical gain increased. On the upside, the itch to train is increasing and my legs are acquiring the soothing soreness of another solid training week. Weekday and weeknight runs in the city contrast sharply with the weekend moss and fern covered forested trail runs in the surrounding mountains. Next week is a large uptick in miles, so I’m going to work on keeping the pace low and the impact minimal.

10 weeks until Gorge Waterfalls 50k, which means 7 weeks of training left and the start of the bulk of the training cycle.

2 thoughts on “01/13 – 01/19

  1. we were in the same place on Sunday, 01.19.2014. Maybe not the same time, but that was my turn-around point. Great place for a little vertical gain!


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