01/20 – 01/26

01/20/2014 – Monday
Rested by watching and listening to Igudesman & Joo and The Piano Guys and Reggie Watts who features fairly regularly on Radio Lab. Winced in pain and breathed deeply (while foam rolling IT bands.)

01/21/2014 – Tuesday
5 mile, 0:48, ~300′ – 5 mile Cemetery
Easy talkable heart rate zone 2/3 run along well lit sidewalks.

01/22/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 10m, 1:44, ~1000′ – Cherry Hill 5k+CH10k
Squarely in zone 2 heart rate for the entire run. Miscalculated and accidentally added 2 extra miles on the second loop. No music or podcasts which I actually prefer. Hearing your surroundings is good, especially at night in the city. Indoor soccer is pretty much all short sprints and non-linear movement, which is great for working out everything that running neglects. Ironically the better we play, the less of a workout I get.

01/23/2014 – Thursday
10K, 101, ~400′ – E. Roa-Lake 10k
Stayed in the zone 2/3 heart rate again! You can only run slowly uphill on Interlaken, but kept it steady for the entire length. Pretty sure I need to wear gloves next time.

01/24/2014 – Friday
Rest. Early to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.

01/25/2014 – Saturday
20mile, 4:49, ~4100′ – Fort Ebey State Park and Kettles County Park.
Out the door and on the road by 7:30am. Tried to follow the 10k and half marathon routes of the upcoming (02/16) Fort Ebey Kettle Run. First 10k was with TV. Dropped them off at the car and restocked on water and additional fuel before heading back out for the half marathon route. Wasn’t necessarily going for a bonk run, but ate only two Honeystinger waffles, two 26oz bottles of coconut water and one 26oz bottle of HEED and one 26oz bottle of Perpetuem just to see how I’d do with not a lot of fuel. I’m guessing the pre-run coffee and egg and cheese sandwich offset what little fuel I took in during the run.

01/26/2014 – Sunday
10mile, 2:16 ~2800′ – Cougar Mountain
We raced the late afternoon run at the Anti-Aircraft Peak Trailhead and chased the sun south to the Squak Mountain Connector Trailhead, before making a wrong turn (my fault – no surprise there) and eventually working our way back north barely beating the fleeting sunlight. The extra bit of elevation that I wasn’t expecting provided more power-hiking opportunities. Turned my ankle on a descent – second time in two days – which was probably an indication that I was getting tired. Definitely felt the effects of a calorie deficit for the weekend. Forgot my watch, which was actually kind of a nice change of pace – literally.

Weekly running miles: 52.1
Weekly running time: 10:38
Weekly running vertical gain: 8650′

What a great training week! Uptick in miles, uptick in time on feet, and uptick in vertical gain and my legs for the most part feel great. There’s a deep soreness throughout, but my body is telling me it’s the good kind, not the injury kind. I’m excited to be out running on a consistent basis and constantly looking and planning for the next weekend long trail run.

Next week is another ‘recovery’ week with 40 miles planned. Vert should reduce proportionately to the miles run probably even more so than this week. Still working on keeping the heart rate in zone 2/3 which is proving to be easier (unintentionally?) as the weekly mileage increases.

Anyone want to join me on a little jog through the woods on a weekend?

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