01/27 – 02/02

01/27/2014 – Monday
Edited the past weekend’s Tt50 – Training at Fort Ebey State Park video.

01/28/2014 – Tuesday
Late meeting, cold and wet outside and a training hangover meant I missed planned training.

01/29/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 11m, 1:31, ~1200′ – Sand Point/I-5/Lake City Way.
Squeezed in a run before indoor soccer. Took a phone call mid run to catch up with family. Tried to cross I-5 on an overpass, but there wasn’t any sidewalk, so turned and lost my direction (big shock there) before ending up at Lake City Way. With little time until my game and the quickest path back being the way I came, I kicked up the pace and averaged 7:30 miles for the return. Net downhill on the way back probably helped.

01/30/2014 – Thursday
10m, 1:46, ~1200′ – Cherry5k+Madison6m
Cherry5k with VKT. Madison6m by myself at a leisurely pace. Listened to Elevation Trail which recapped the Everest Trail Race which isn’t a race up and down Mt. Everest, but a multi-stage race through the foothills from 3000 meters to 6,000 meters (~10,000ft to ~19,500ft). Made me push the accumulating fatigue from my mind as I looked ahead at the 200ft hill at 75ft above sea level. I’m inspired to run bigger, faster, stronger, (#louder).

01/31/2014 – Friday
Rest. Did absolutely nothing running related, except think about what run to do tomorrow.

02/01/2014 – Saturday
12.5mile, 3:40, ~4450′ – Tiger Mountain – Summit #3 + Poo Poo Point
Thought I’d procrastinated enough to let the isolated and concentrated rain cell move past, but realized on the drive out that wouldn’t be the case. Light drizzle at the start turned surprisingly to a light session of small hail and a chance to use my rain jacket. Reached Summit #3 and worked my down to West Tiger Railroad Grade lolypopping back to West Tiger Trail #3 and on to Poo Poo Point. Lots of elevation, but a bit less uphill running than I’d like, but lots of power-hiking, which I guess is an acceptable trade-off for now. Good workout to practice with gear and weather I don’t run in on a daily or even weekly or really even monthly basis.

02/02/2014 – Sunday
5.75mile, 1:49 ~1200′ – Little Mountain
We followed almost a half of the half marathon route of the 05/04/2014 Little Mountain Half with Jessie who loved every four-pawed step of the run. Was surprised by the amount of steep vertical for the few, but well trodden trails. Mountain bikers and horses share the multi-use trails, but as long you keep your eyes and ears open, it’s not an issue. Definitely a good workout for the quads and the roots and rocks make for an intermediate technical trail which will trip you up or let you roll an ankle or two (or three – I can vouch for that) if you stop sweeping the trail just for a moment to look up to take in the view. Anyone know the history or story of the old rusting car on the Julieann Trail?

Weekly running miles: 39.5
Weekly running time: 8:45
Weekly running vertical gain: 8100′

‘Recovery week’ didn’t quite go as planned. Far more vert than I was planning, less running than planned, less running days than planned, and more miles per run than planned (except for Sunday). With all that said it was a decent week. I again had the training hangover and failed to get my self outside and moving on Tuesday. I probably shouldn’t have run more on Wednesday and Thursday to try to make up for it (that’s an injury waiting to happen, I know) but I did. Honestly though they were pretty quality runs. Ran with a bit more speed on Wednesday which I haven’t done in a while, so it was good to get the fast-twitch muscles a bit of a workout again.

This upcoming week is supposed to be another uptick in overall miles – 52 weekly miles – but I already know that it’s not going to happen which is probably a good thing as far as rest for my legs and body goes. Missing a weekly training goal for one week isn’t going to make or break my upcoming event. I have work commitments that I assume will bite into training time and a weekend of fun planned!

I’m feeling strong and ready for the elevation although a bit undertrained for full-out running the entire course. There is 55 more days until Gorge Waterfalls 50k – that’s 7 weeks and 6 days away which leaves me three more long training run weekends (22, 24, and 26 miles). I confident that leaves me enough training to get time on my feet primed for race day. Excited!

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