02/03 – 02/09

02/03/2014 – Monday
Rested and made this amazing chickpea-avocado-feta salad for dinner. Did everything in my power to not eat it all which ranked up there with completing my first marathon (write up still to come.)

02/04/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned training. Home late, cold, hungry, and tired.

02/05/2014 – Wednesday
Missed planned training. Although I did watch the Seahawks Super Bowl Champions Parade engulf Seattle…while disappointingly sitting in a bar an hour south in Tacoma. Also made that amazing chick-pea-avocado-feta salad again and this hearty vegetarian-quinoa chili. It is cold cold cold outside (for Seattle!) and I don’t like running in the cold.

02/06/2014 – Thursday
Missed planned training. Curling (the ice kind). Went to the grocery store for lots of veggies that will be in the fantastic weekend dinner to come! Curling doesn’t provide me a lot of cardio workout, but it’s fun and this is my 8th year so it’s completely worth sacrificing a training day. Plus it’s cold in there and I’m only wearing a light jacket, so of course I’m ‘training’ for the cold and mental aspect.

02/07/2014 – Friday
Rest from all the missed planned training. Commute day to Mazama on My Day!

02/08/2014 – Saturday
12k, 2:22 ~300′ – Cross-country skiing Jack’s Trail, Mazama
Great cross-training day left me sore in places that aren’t normally sore after a good long trail run. 300 vertical feet doesn’t sound like much, but is surprisingly hard. Gravity+skis+downhill slope=easy. Gravity+skis+uphill slope=hard (but fun!) Celebrated the weekend by fixing hot pot for dinner, raspberry cobbler and Husky vanilla bean ice cream for desert, and relaxing by the fireplace watching snow fall and dogs play (and bark) with my gracious family!

02/09/2014 – Sunday
More missed planned training
Commute day back to Seattle.

Weekly running miles: 0.0
Weekly running time: 0:00
Weekly running vertical gain: 0′

So I guess this turned into my ‘Recovery week’ which didn’t quite go as planned last week. Sometimes work and life take precedent and running hops in the backseat for the ride.

I guess this coming week  will be an ease back into training week with 38 planned running miles and hopefully less work to get in my way. That’s the plan at least.

Also, created a new page compiling all the videos posted so far onto it’s own page. The direct link can be found at the top of the page and also here.

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