02/10 – 02/16

02/10/2014 – Monday

02/11/2014 – Tuesday
20m, 1:06 – Stationary bike.
Home late. Raining. Dark. Tried to go run on the treadmill, but it was broken. Hopped on the stationary bike and raised the resistance to try to get some semblance of elevation. Not entirely sure it worked, but between that and the cross-country skiing last week, I guess I’m at least getting some of my lesser used muscles used.

02/12/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer but missed planned training.
It’s hard to fit both activities into one night and it would be easier to pick the free one (running) over one I have to pay for (indoor soccer), except that it’s already paid for so skipping it would be like throwing a Hamilton and a Lincoln straight into the trash. Seems a bit disrespectful to throw two ex-President’s into the trash, doesn’t it?

02/13/2014 – Thursday
Missed planned training. Curling.
Another night to choose one or the other. I chose curling.

02/14/2014 – Friday
3m, 0:35, ~300′ – Cherry5k.
KTV Family run! It was good to get out and run for the first time in almost two weeks. Where to go tomorrow?

02/15/2014 – Saturday
Missed planned training.
But we did do a marathon – of watching House of Cards Season 2. Need. To. Get. Off. The. Couch.

02/16/2014 – Sunday
13m, 2:43, ~1800 – Dash Point State Park
It’s hard to get in the training groove especially when it’s wet and cold outside. Checked the radar and saw there was no way I was going to be able to avoid the wet or the cold, even going 30 minutes south. A decent amount of elevation, but the entire double loop was runnable, which I think actually made it harder because there were no clear portions of the trail for rest breaks, which of course really means power hiking up the hills. Worked hard the entire run and my average heart rate showed it and the cramps in both of my calves for the last two miles of the run showed it. I need to do more training – less sitting on the couch.

Weekly running miles: 15.8
Weekly running time: 3:18
Weekly running vertical gain: 2067′

This week was another bust of a running training week. I chose other sports and hanging out with friends over food and drinks instead of running, which isn’t good for Gorge Waterfalls in 41 days, (I just heard a slight eek just slip from my mouth), but is good for my social well-being, so I count this week as a wash. Getting out of the groove is oh so too easy, but getting back into the groove takes time, energy, and discipline – all three which I seem to lacking these past few weeks.

Next week is a new week and although there are 58 miles planned, my guess is that I unfortunately won’t hit that number. No need to fret.

Relentless forward progress.

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