02/24 – 03/02

02/24/2014 – Monday
Well deserved while making the (Snow run!) Tiger Mountain video from this past weekend’s run.

02/25/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned training
Have an excuse, but won’t use it.

02/26/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 10m, 1:19, ~600′ – SODO/Chief Sealth.
Ran quickly (for me) along streets I’ve never been on in neighborhoods I’ve never been through and up hills that I’m not sure I want to run up again all in the dark. Made it to soccer with minutes to spare. Would though like to make it back to the Chief Sealth Trail in the sunlight.

02/27/2014 – Thursday
Curling and 9mile, 1:10, ~200′ – Waterfront/Smith Cove
It was warm enough outside to wear shorts for a long overdue lunchtime run with a friend along the waterfront overlooking the Olympics. The even quicker (than yesterday) pace was bookended by an easy mile warmup to and from the Sculpture Garden. Fastest leg turnover I’ve run in months was encouraging to know that I can still run fast(ish) (for me)!

02/28/2014 – Friday
Thinking about where to run tomorrow.

03/01/2014 – Saturday
10mile, 2:10, ~2800′ – Tiger
This, I guess, is starting to become ‘my usual 10 mile weekend trail run’ if only be default that it’s the run I’ve repeated the most this year. Per usual, it was raining on our way out and per usual at least so far there was a beautiful snowfall while out on the trail, although not enough to really stick around. Hard uphills of intermixing runs and walks and bombing the downhills. The trail is technical in sections, not gloriously so, but enough to keep your eyes to ground and not too far ahead. The payoff of all the uphill is 1400′ of downhill in 2.5 miles. Burning calves (not the cow kind) and burning quads (not the colleges and universities kind) is quickly becoming the status quo of a ‘good run’.

03/02/2014 – Sunday
16.75mile, 1:05 – Recumbent
It didn’t just rain outside – it poured outside, so I moved the workout indoors, but the treadmill was broken, so it was back to the recumbent bike. I realized I don’t really know what proper bicycling/spinning form is, even though I’ve ridden some form of a bike for almost 30+ years now. Upped the resistance again to simulate hills. It’s a workout for sure, but it’s no substitute for actual running.

Weekly running time: 4:40
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 3600′

Down-weeks always feel like I’m not progressing, even though I know that’s not true. The body needs rest and recovery in order to repair itself, thus making itself stronger. I get it, but it still feels like a backward step. How can it not after reaching ever higher in intensity, vertical gain and miles? It feels even more so as though I’m ‘not doing enough’ as it’s the week before my peak week and less than a month until my next event!

Upcoming week is peak week (60 miles!) and the last bit of hard training before the 50k. Steady goes it and trust in my training should see me through to my first goal of Gorges Waterfalls – make it to the start line.

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