Training by (Slowly) Spinning(?)

Designed originally as $1 million apartment building in 1962 by the office of Radcliffe, McDonald & Uglem, this 65 unit building made of steel, concrete, and precast concrete panels tucks into the hillside just off the central business district in Seattle. At a comfortable 5 stories tall, each lofted unit is two floors with 14 feet high windows and balconies off the north units. Following the hallway/elevator route in the building, this past Sunday’s (03/02/2014) 17 mile spinning(?) session, 16 feet of vertical elevator travel was a an adventure in through wood floors, carpeting, rubber mats, and even stone to the well-lit, overly mirrored gym on the 1st floor.

Tt50 - 2014 0302 Seattle

It rained outside on Sunday. No, strike that, it poured on Sunday. And I wasn’t about to go out and tempt fate. Even though I’m no wizard or witch, I’m still not trying my luck – I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz. So I strapped on my shoes and followed the brown-stripe carpet hallway to the far away seldom visited Land of the Gym. Along the way I met a cowardly dog (Valor) and a scare(dog) (Valor) and after making it to the gym realized I was the Tin Woodman – needing to put aside my love for the trails in order to grind out a workout. The Wicked Witch of the Gym had killed the treadmill and for that a silent vow to myself was made to complete a workout even though it meant hopping on the recumbent for a high resistance session. Plugging in headphones and turning up a podcast of Talk Ultra and Elevation Trail, I started (slowly) spinning(?) eventually throwing water (sweat) everywhere. The machine stopped (because I stopped moving my legs) and I freed myself from the shackles (strapped peddles) and rejoiced. I had slayed the Wicked Witch of the Gym! Summoning the Flying Elevator, it whisked me away through the Emerald City back where my adventure had started. I took off my black (ruby red? silver slippers?) running shoes and realized they actually can take me anywhere I want to go at anytime I want to go so that I will never have to be under the spell of the evil gym again.

I’d like to thank L. Frank Baum for writing the story, MGM Studios for bringing the story from the literary pages to the silver (and color!) screen and my parents for letting me watch this amazing story and film. Without them none of this would have been possible. Thank you so much.

Go dream and then figure out how to do it! Go and live! Go out in nature! Go out and run!

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