03/03 – 03/09

03/03/2014 – Monday
Threw lead rocks again and swept a lot again. Not going to say I like it more than skipping, but it’s definitely a cardio workout and a tri-cep workout despite the naysayers.

03/04/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned workout.
Legs are dead, they hurt massively, and my left ITB is flaring up. I hope I’m not injured.

03/05/2014 – Wednesday
Missed planned training
Not feeling it today. Legs still feel like lead and left ITB still has a niggle. Better than yesterday, but I better not try to push it. Remember, rest and recovery is training too.

03/06/2014 – Thursday
Curling and 7m, 1:13, ~1250′ – U-Bridge.
Do not feel like running at all. Willpower, a fear of being undertrained, and knowing that this is my real last week of solid training before pulling back on the intensity pushed me out the door. Legs are still heavy. Oh yeah and threw lead rocks again curling. Either my teammates are reading this and have taken my statement about not skipping to heart or we’re just so connected that they just know. It’s not possible for either statement to be wrong.

03/07/2014 – Friday
Rest.  Early to bed for a super early long run tomorrow.

03/08/2014 – Saturday
26mile, 4:38, ~2200′ – CH/Magnolia and SOUNDERS FC OPENING 2014 GAME!
Out the door at 5:15am still in the dark. Saw the pink clouds in the east signalling sunrise around 30 minutes into the run. Legs still sore and I’m dragging to push my pace and I can tell it’s just not going to happen for me today, but it’s my last long run and I’m going to make it happen! I’m going to have to run on sore and tired and heavy legs, so it’s just good training. Kept the elevation to a minimum though so I could keep running as much as possible. Met up with N at mile 15 and we ran for a good 10 mile stretch, sporadically talking, but just the company was uplifting and kept me running when I probably would have stopped and walked otherwise. Had a time to make it home by so I could make it to the Sounders FC first game of the 2014 season. 1-0 Sounders over Sporting KC in the 94th minute! Ever so shortly atop the Supporters Shield!

03/09/2014 – Sunday
7mile, 1:22 ~600′ – Interlaken and The Trail Running Film Festival
First time out this year in shorts and short sleeves. Quads and hamstring are sore from yesterday’s run, but a comfortable pace keeps everything in check. I can’t wait for spring/summer in the Northwest. It cannot come soon enough. Thankfully at least Daylight Savings time is here and we get more sunlight. Maybe running in the evenings will be easier/better? Watched The Trail RUnning Film Festival presented by Rainshadow Running in the evening with some inspirational films! Makes me want to go run, even though it’s currently 9:55pm, dark, and raining outside.

Weekly running time: 7:13
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 3250′

Well this week started as a bust, but ended on an up note. (What would an up notes sound like anyway?) Heavy legs and a recurring inflammation of my left ITB made me a bit worried at the beginning of the week, but a solid (long-marathon distance) long training run followed by a back to back strength run at the end of the week leaves me a bit upbeat even though I fell woefully short of my planned training. Sometimes you have to listen to your legs and just not run when you’ve planned a run. Rest is not a bad thing and recovery is what makes you stronger.

The coming step-back week is the first of my three taper weeks, even though I’m scheduled to run 2 more miles than what I actually ran this past week. 42 miles will be a good week as all of the runs are manageable and honestly every run will be easy up until Gorge Waterfalls – no strike that, Gorge Waterfalls will probably be a slow (but enjoyable) pace as well.

20 days and counting…

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