03/10 – 03/23

03/10/2014 – Monday
Threw third, which requires slightly less sweeping than lead or second, but considerably more than skipping.

03/11/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned workout.
I hate rain.

03/12/2014 – Wednesday
10m, 1:27, ~1250′ – Interlaken.
Tried to hit all the off-trails of Interlaken that I always pass and wonder where they go or how to connect them. one in particular was super wet, muddy, and un-runnable while others were short. Surprisingly found some speed in my legs.

03/13/2014 – Thursday
45min soccer.
This basically acts as intervals and speed training.

03/14/2014 – Friday

03/15/2014 – Saturday
Missed planned workout.
Early Sounders game and some kind of bug kept me off my feet for the day.

03/16/2014 – Sunday
Missed planned workout.
Seems like I’m just copying and pasing “Missed planned workout”. That can’t be a good sign.

Weekly running time: 1:27
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 1250′

03/17/2014 – Monday
Last week of subbing. Threw lead rocks again.

03/18/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned workout.
I’m in taper mode anyway.

03/19/2014 – Wednesday
Missed planned training
Did I mention that I hate the rain?

03/20/2014 – Thursday
We came in second…out of two teams.

03/21/2014 – Friday

03/22/2014 – Saturday
10mile, 2:56, ~2400′ – Cougar Mountain
This was a good KTV family run. Legs felt fresh – probably because I pretty much haven’t been running for the past two weeks (ha.) and cardio felt fresh.

03/23/2014 – Sunday
6.5mile, 2:49 ~3250′ – Mt Si
Hiked up. Snow level around 2400′. Going up was a bit slippery, but fine. Slipped, slided, hopped, skipped, and jumped on treacherous footing on the way down until it turned into mud and when eventually we could run again on solid footing back closer to the floor.  A decent mile or so of fairly technical downhill didn’t let us bomb downhill and faster than we could which probably is for the best anyway. No need to push it.

Weekly running time: 5:45
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 5650′

Last two weeks have been dodgy with the runs. Looking back I see I missed a bunch of planned runs, but honestly I don’t feel too bad about it and don’t feel too undertrained for Gorge Waterfalls. With that said I’m not I ever feel completely and solidly trained for any run. It’s a fine line between undertrained and overtrained. I’m definitely on the under side right now. One last week of true taper and it’s T-minus 6 days…

“Enjoy the trail. Respect the distance.”

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