03/24 – 03/30

03/24/2014 – Monday
Threw third and missed more shots than I made.

03/25/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned workout.
Not a big deal. The major training is done anyway and this would just be maintenance miles.

03/26/2014 – Wednesday
Missed planned workout, but 45 min soccer
Took it easy for soccer. Would have been unfortunate to get hurt just a few days before the race. Nice to stretch the legs out a bit though and remember what sprinting feels like, even if it’s only for 30 or 40 meters at a time.

03/27/2014 – Thursday
Missed planned workout, but curling practice ice.
Same as the last two days in that the run is just to keep the legs from getting too restless, but with curling practice ice, I think they got enough of a workout. Instead of normally throwing 16 rocks (2 rocks times 8 ends), it was just me and a teammate, so we each threw 64 rocks (8 rocks times 8 ends) which I guess typing it out still doesn’t read like much, but each rock is ~42 pounds and you do have to throw (slide it on ice) each rock the entire 150 foot length of the ice. Not hard, but still a workout at least for one leg.

03/28/2014 – Friday
Rest.  Early to bed for a little run tomorrow.

03/29/2014 – Saturday
50k, 6:34, ~6000′ – Gorge Waterfalls 50k
A fairly technical mostly singletrack point to point rolling course along the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge through ankle high streams, over snow patches, past moss covered everything, in rain/sunshine/wind/hail, and under/next to/through/around many awe-inspiring waterfalls. Walked most all uphills (expected), cramped around mile 20 (a little earlier than expected), and finished strong (expected)!

03/30/2014 – Sunday
Left ITB, lower inside of quads just above the knees, and for some reason my left bicep are all sore sore. Two blisters on left foot. One blister on right foot. One blister on fourth toe on right foot.

Weekly running time: 6:34
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 6000′

Taper week is always interesting, because if you aren’t trained by now, there’s not much you’re going to be able to do to get any more ready. Major training is done and any runs you do for that last week is just to keep your legs moving and to not let them get restless. The majority of the week though and the whole point of taper week is to taper my training, pull back on the intensity and miles and elevation and ready myself for one concentrated effort. Physically I feel like I’m good enough. Maybe a few more miles of training or a few more training days could have been beneficial, but I feel solid with my elevation training. I won’t be able to run all the hills, but I’ll be able to hike them proficiently and with purpose. A little worried about cramping as I have a history of that, but I know they’ll eventually reside and I’ll find the strength to run again. Mentally I’m good. I’m not nervous or anxious. I’ve done this distance before. I know what to expect. I think I’m ready. The phantom niggles come and go and I’m completely calm until race day when it’s go time!

Upcoming week is mostly rest with a few shake out runs to get the dormant lactic acid moved out of the legs, then it’s a decent week of training and another taper week, then Yakima Skyline Rim 50k – 21 days away from today.

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