03/31 – 04/06

03/31/2014 – Monday
Took care of the blisters on the bottom of my feet.

04/01/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:58, ~400′ – CH.
Shake-out run. Felt good to get the legs moving again and try to get the remaining tightness out.

04/02/2014 – Wednesday
7m, 0:59, ~50′ – Waterfront.
Knock down 6:45/min pace intervals at a 1:1 ratio.

04/03/2014 – Thursday
1 game Curling – April Spiel.
Skipped, which means I stand at the end of the sheet and intermittently have to minimally sweep. Needless to say there’s not much elevated heart rate. Draw #1 at 10:00pm – Won on the last shot.

04/04/2014 – Friday
1 game Curling – April Spiel.
Draw #2 at 5:00pm – Lost. Left many points out on the sheet.

04/05/2014 – Saturday
2 games Curling – April Spiel
Draw #3 at 1:00pm – Lost. Frustrating missing so many wide open shots.
Draw #4 at 10:00pm – Won. With the possibility of elimination and the end of the 2013-2014 curling season, I relaxed a bit more, tried to have more fun, and just enjoy spending time curling with friends.

05/06/2014 – Sunday
2 games Curling – April Spiel and 4.5mile, 1:00 ~500′ – Discovery
Draw #5 at 7:00am – Won. That was an early draw with not a lot of sleep.
Draw #6 at 11:00am – Lost. Had to make the last shot and wrecked into guards at the top of the house.
Family run along the outer loop. Saw a guy passed out on the side of the trail with a bunch of his friends giving him water and asking if they needed to call the ambulance. Eventually they drove their car off-road and onto the walking trail to get close to him so they could pick him up.

Weekly running time: 2:58
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 950′

Lost weekend for running with April Spiel going on, although did manage to get out for a few runs and even a short lunch speed session along the waterfront. I’m really just in maintenance mode until the next event. Legs feel fine. Blisters are gone. 4th toe on right foot is ever so slightly sore, but not an issue.

Yakima Skyline Rim 50k in 15 days.

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