04/07 – 04/13

04/07/2014 – Monday

04/08/2014 – Tuesday
Missed planned workout.
Just not feeling it.

04/09/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer
Stretch the legs. Avoid injury.

04/10/2014 – Thursday
5m, 0:53, ~400′ – CH
Family talkable run through a usual loop.

04/11/2014 – Friday

04/12/2014 – Saturday
15mile, 4:32, ~3900′ – Tiger
Followed mostly the Tiger Mountain Trail with a little dip down to Bootleg, Preston, an out and back to Poo Poo Point where we watched paragliders take off from the mountainside and then looping around Adventure, Brink and Swamp. Minimal water and caloric intake. Tried out a few more fuel options – liquid peanut butter and coconut water mixture for one bottle and a mixture of Vitalyte and coconut water for a second bottle. Like the peanut butter/coconut mixture quite more than I thought I would. Less routefinding now as I grow more familiar with the trail system.

04/13/2014 – Sunday
8mile, 2:17 ~2000′ – Squak
Strength run around May Valley, Bullitt and Eastside is more direct up ridges interspersed with quite runnable sections of generous singletrack (single+ track?) (1.5 track?) A few short, but quite steep sections. Ran without a pack, maxing out the pockets in The North Face Long Haul shorts and carrying a 20 oz handheld of coconut water. I took a backseat for routefinding and only back-checking. Minimal water and caloric intake again.

Weekly running time: 7:42
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 6300′

Ran more over the weekend than I probably should have and less over the week than I probably should have and yet I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at fitness wise. Getting my first 50k of the year out of the way a few weeks ago probably has a lot to do with where I’m at mentally and physically. I haven’t had much of any training in since that race and the taper period started almost before the recovery period began, but I’m not stressing.

Yakima Skyline Rim 50k is in 7 days and it should be the hardest race I’ve attempted yet. In a nutshell 9,000 vertical feet in 50k should be challenging for me.

“The world does not belong to those who sign up. The world belongs to those who show up.”

Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain Trail, Issaquah Alps
Poo Poo Point
Poo Poo Point at Tiger Mountain, Issaquah Alps
Squak Mountain
Perimeter Trail at Squak Mountain, Issaquah Alps

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