04/21 – 04/27

04/21/2014 – Monday
Recover. Much needed. Just walking was tough enough today.

04/22/2014 – Tuesday
Recover. DOMS is real and is the harshest for me usually in the 24hour timeframe.

04/23/2014 – Wednesday
Recover. Legs still have residual soreness.

04/24/2014 – Thursday
Recover. The thought of a run even crossed my mind, but I didn’t.

04/25/2014 – Friday
Recover. Wanted to run after work. Resisted at the last possible moment.

04/26/2014 – Saturday
10k, 0:59, 950′ – CH
Finally back outside for a run! Keeping it nice and easy wasn’t so much a choice as a necessity. Even so, breathing was labored. Legs were ok.

04/27/2014 – Sunday
9.8 mile, 2:02, 1250′ – CH/Lake Washington
Wasn’t sure how far I’d go, but after 5k, legs felt decent enough at the easy conversational pace to complete 10 miles.

Weekly running time: 3:01
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 2200′

Recovery was oh so slow and painful, but I’m still excited about running and wanted to go out and run by the end of the week, which is encouraging considering the epic muscle bonk the week before.

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