04/28 – 05/04

04/28/2014 – Monday
6m, 1:05, 350′ – CH.
Easy and takable. Legs felt ok.

04/29/2014 – Tuesday

04/30/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer.
Someone stepped on my left foot and I didn’t really notice until I started limping on my way way home.

05/01/2014 – Thursday
6.5m, 1:09, 900′ – CH.
Foot was still a bit sore, so took the Hoka Stinson Trails out for a rare midweek city run. They’ve recently been my go to for long runs because of the immense cushion, but rarely make it out of the closet otherwise.

05/02/2014 – Friday

05/03/2014 – Saturday
7m, 1:44, 2750′ – TMT/Tiger #3
I could see this becoming my ‘usual’ loop at Tiger Mountain. The loop has everything from steep switchbacks, straight up steep, rolling hills, technical single track, bridges, streams, a view, and a long descent.

05/03/2014 – Sunday
…nothing running related. Although there are a few shoes which could use a little scrubbing.

Weekly running time: 3:58
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 4000′

Caught between tapering and getting some training in, I opted for quality over quantity this week.
Six days until Sunflower Trail Marathon in the Methow Valley!

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