05/05 – 05/11

05/05/2014 – Monday
10k, 0:57, 900′ – CH.
Easiest and most comfortable I’ve felt on a run in a while, then again who wouldn’t when running by Lake Washington on a perfect evening.

05/06/2014 – Tuesday
10k, 1:16, 600′ – Discovery
3/4 family run with KV. Raced V on a few mini sprints at the end of the run. I didn’t win.

05/07/2014 – Wednesday

05/08/2014 – Thursday
6m, 0:49, 800′ – CH.
Lunch run turned out to be faster than was planning, but felt good to get a cadence of some faster leg turnover.

05/09/2014 – Friday

05/10/2014 – Saturday
27.1m, 5:00, 2400′ – Sunflower Trail Marathon – Mazama, WA
It’s a race, but also a training run for something a bit longer coming up in a few months. Ran the first 14 miles with K and finished out the last 13 by myself. Sunflowers everywhere! Woke up the next morning after an 8 hour night of sleep, sore feet and tired legs thinking that if I were in a 100 mile race, I’d still be out there “running”. I don’t even want to get out of bed not to mention go on a run.

05/11/2014 – Sunday
13m, 2:19, 600′ – Methow Community Trail loop x 2
Strength run. Legs are tired. Feet are sore. And it’s about 70 degrees outside though it feels much hotter in the sun. Ran the first 6 mile loop with K. Tacked on a 1 mile loop by myself, then headed back out for another 6 mile loop. Stopped by the Methow River briefly to soak my head and face in the frigid water and it was fantastic. Could feel the blister on the front of one of my toes on my left foot from yesterday.

Weekly running time: 10:21
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 5250′

Even though this was a race week, it was still a training week, so I didn’t follow convention with tapering days and basically little to no running. I still put in a few quality runs in and even a day after strength run to try to simulate running on tired legs. Made it through the entire Sunflower Trail Marathon without any cramping which was both a relief and a confidence booster. I’m still not sure entirely what’s going on with my legs and why I seem to cramp so easily late in races. Is it my fueling or is my base not deep enough or am I trying to run too fast or is it salt (or lack of) or a muscle strength imbalance? Need to figure this out sooner than later.

Next Saturday is Sun Mountain 25k, so we’ll be back in the beautiful (and sunny!) (and warm!) Methow Valley again!

Lake Washington
Lake Washington
Methow Valley deer.
Methow Valley deer.

2 thoughts on “05/05 – 05/11

  1. After all the runs and training, Sun Mountain 25k should be easy. Hope you find out what is causing the cramps soon.


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