05/12 – 05/18

05/12/2014 – Monday
Big mileage last Saturday and Sunday.

05/13/2014 – Tuesday
7m, 1:20, 800′ – CH
Super easy conversational run with a friend. Legs felt good, but was probably best that we took our time.

05/14/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and missed training run.
Nothing much really to talk about except that I didn’t get hurt. Woo. Sometimes that’s enough.

05/15/2014 – Thursday
Missed planned run.
Let’s just call this a “taper”.

05/16/2014 – Friday

05/17/2014 – Saturday
14.4m, 2:17, 2200′ – Sun Mountain 25k – Mazama, WA
Same as last week, it’s a race, but it’s also a training run, except this time I ran it more like a race than a training run, so really it was a race. Also, I set a PR mostly (no, actually solely) because I’ve never run a 25k race before. The race was still though in an amazing landscape (again) with the wildflowers out in full bloom (again).

05/18/2014 – Sunday
15m, 3:35, 4650′ – Tiger Mountain.
Legs are good today. First 6 miles by myself. 45 minute break back at the car let me refill on water and eat a full burrito. (Mostly, but not entirely) unexpectedly was joined for the last 9 miles with two friends M and N. We worked the ‘usual’ loop walking when we had to and sometimes just when we felt like it. Running by myself is fun, but sometimes it’s better with company, especially when it’s your friends.

Weekly running time: 7:13
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 7687′

Missed a training run or two, but finished out the week strong with some solid runs. This coming week is supposed to be a last large week of up miles, then in a few weeks (3 weeks and 6 days to be exact, but who’s counting) the next event, Bryce Canyon 50k!

Tiger Mountain Trail
Tiger Mountain Trail.
Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain.

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