05/19 – 05/25

05/19/2014 – Monday
Rest and Doctor’s appointment
Saw a Doctor trying to pinpoint what might be the cause of my full body epic cramping and what I might do to be able to avoid or mitigate it in the future. When I told him it was around 26 miles and 8500 feet into a race, he said, “Yes, usually around 8500-9500 feet above sea level is when people start to experience issues with…” I had to stop him there and clarify, “No, it was after I had climbed 8500 vertical feet.” A simple answer, “Oh. I see.” Needless to say he was very nice, but I think the issue is a bit out of his realm. The follow up is I’m to go “for a run around the facilities until the cramping occurs” and then go get a blood draw. I don’t think he quite understands the extent of the cramping that occurred. If I were to put myself into the same state of cramping that I experienced before, I wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere, especially not to a lab.

05/20/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:59, 800′ – CH
3/4 family run with TV. Stopped at Lake Washington to play in the water.

05/21/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 10m, 1:35, 1300′ – CH.
Midweek long runs are pretty much always on roads and this one was no different.

05/22/2014 – Thursday
3m, 0:33, 300′ – CH.
Heavy legs and a friend just getting back into running made for a good easy talkable run.

05/23/2014 – Friday

05/24/2014 – Saturday
26.8m, 5:50, 4100′ – Deception Pass
Followed mostly the Rainshadow Running Deception Pass 50k route minus the less beautiful parts of the course and doubling back on a few portions to get a bit more vert and mileage in. Beginning of the course is incredibly inspiring, but the last half is quite less so. This should be on my list of races to run in the future, although I wish the course was run in the exact opposite direction.

05/25/2014 – Sunday
15m, 3:33, 4100′ – Tiger
Strength run. Legs and feet are not as tired as maybe they should be. As opposed to yesterday where pretty much everything was runnable, Tiger is mostly all up, then all down in mile long stretches. It rained the entire run and the 2000 feet difference from the parking lot to the top of West Tiger #3 brings the temperature down a few degrees, but mixed in with the wind and a wet shirt made me keep running just to stay warm.

Weekly running time: 12:30
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 10,682′

This was a solid and gratifying week (and especially weekend) of running! Long run on Saturday was inspiring and the back to back run on Sunday was a physical and mental test. No cramping on either of those two runs is an encouraging confidence builder.

Weekly highs for time on my feet running, miles run, and amount of vertical elevation gain. Confidence is strong. Spirits are high. Cannot wait for Bryce Canyon 50k in three weeks!

Hunting ducks (unsuccessfully) with leashes on.
Hunting ducks (unsuccessfully) with leashes on.
Cranberry Lake.
Cranberry Lake.
Salish Sea.
Salish Sea.
Lopez Island, San Juan Islands.
Lopez Island, San Juan Islands.
Deception Pass and bridge at far right.
Deception Pass and bridge at far right.
Sunset on the Straight of Juan de Fuca.
Sunset on the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

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    1. All I saw were kayakers paddling around in circles and people sitting in lawn chairs with fishing rods reeling in empty hooks. Perhaps the fish ate all the cranberries?


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