06/16 – 06/22

06/16/2014 – Monday
Legs feel good considering the travel and race last week, but it’s good to rest.

06/17/2014 – Tuesday
13m, 1:52, 1400′ – CH.
What started as a planned easy 4 mile run quickly turned to an easy 6 mile then quickly turned into a 13 mile run. Legs felt great. A seed was planted in my head a year ago by a friend who said he was trying to hit every street in his neighborhood and I kind of brushed him off with a, “that’s cool.” I’ve been thinking about it and the more and more I run around the city, running the same routes over and over again, the more I’ve been thinking that there might actually be something to this run every street thing. I started the same old route I normally do and thought I wonder what’s on this other street and then I crossed another street that I’d never been on and all of a sudden I was 6 miles away from home. Still thinking about how to graphically show what streets I have and have not run down. Suggestions?

06/18/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 7m, 1:01, 950′ – CH.
Needed to get a quick run in before soccer that turned out not to be so quick, but quick enough to allow me to get to soccer just a few minutes late.

06/19/2014 – Thursday
6m, 1:05, 900′ – CH.
Legs are dead tired and I’m lacking motivation to go run. Tried to get a few friends to come run with me but with such short notice they were already busy for the evening. Made myself go out anyway and while I’d originally planned an easy 4 miles, I ended up tacking a few more streets I’d never run before and extending the run by a bit although I ran only as hard as I felt like, which wasn’t hard. Still good to get out. Had to remind myself that this is more or less my last high(er) mileage training week and so if I don’t get the training in now, I’m going to regret it the next couple of months.

06/20/2014 – Friday
Planning tomorrow’s run.

06/21/2014 – Saturday
32m, 8:48, 10,200′ – Tiger – TMT/Preston loop x2 + Cable trail.
Ran with my BD Ultra Distance z-poles the whole run and actually really like using them. Will definitely think about using them for Squamish, although probably not Mt Hood. Ran a 14 mile loop and stopped back by the car to restock on fuel and water and change from the Ultraspire pack to the Salomon pack before heading back out for a second loop. Tacked on the cable trail which I’d seen many times, but never been on before. My goodness, now I see why. Sustained 30-40% grade for a mile about killed me, especially since I had run out of water. Stopped multiple times to just stand there, rest, and catch my breath. The entire run was awfully slow, almost painfully slow today with lots of hiking, but no cramping and this was the first time I’ve ever been over 10,000′ vert in a run, so I’m going to mark it down as a successful long run.

 06/22/2014 – Sunday
12m, 2:01, 1300′ – CH. and watching the USMNT (lose by) tying Portugal.
Legs responded decently well after yesterday’s run. Hit up half of my favorite linkup through the city – Lake Washington, the Arboretum, Foster Island, and the Montlake Cut. Was going to finish out with Interlaken, but needed to get home so we could make it out to watch the USMNT game, which I thought we looked decent minus the flubbed first half clearance (which of course led to a goal) and the last 20 seconds of extra time when we forgot about one teeny tiny insignificant player, Ronaldo, who of course punished us by setting up the tying goal. Great to see TWO(!) Sounders on the field at the same time. Bonus points for Dempsey scoring and Yedlin wearing #2.

Weekly running time: 14:47
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 14,639′

This was essentially the last “bigger, faster, stronger, louder” training week before I need to start dialing it back these upcoming few tapering weeks. Personal highs this week achieved in running time, miles, and vert and all without any injuries (or cramping) which is a massive confidence builder for me. Back to back weekends of 50k’s – one being an actual race, the second being just a training run which was arguably harder. I’m feeling strong, although still a touch anxious about the cutoff for Mt Hood 50 (in less than 3 weeks!). Squamish is still a few months out, but I actually feel more confident about that event.

These next few weeks will be gradually stepping down in intensity, then it’s game time in Oregon.

The view for the better part of 8 hours - just a trail and me.
The view for the better part of 8 hours this past Saturday – just a trail and me.

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