06/23 – 06/29

06/23/2014 – Monday

06/24/2014 – Tuesday
Watched the movie Solstice at Seven Hills Running Store
Skipped out on the planned run and instead we went to Seven Hills over by Discovery Park to watch the movie Solstice, a documentary about a runner’s first 100-miler at the famed grandaddy of them all – Western States Endurance Run – which coincidentally (or maybe not?) will take place this coming Saturday, June 28th and which I will also be watching. Thanks Phil and Glenn for hosting!

06/25/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer and 9m, 1:30, 1200′ – CH.
GPS didn’t entirely pick up until I had ran a couple of miles and I walked a mile or so to wish my Mom Happy Birthday over the phone! It was quite muggy and I sweated a lot.

06/26/2014 – Thursday
5m, 0:59, 500′ – CH.
Easy takable group run with Gregor and K on the outer loop. Taking people on single track for the first time is always fun, even if it’s only for a short distance and for the most part flat, especially when it’s at Discovery Park. The Olympics were showing off this evening.

06/27/2014 – Friday
Should have run but lacked motivation.

06/28/2014 – Saturday
10m, 1:56, 2100′ – Cougar and watched live coverage of Western States Endurance Run
Running today was a chore. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to be out there. And I got myself lost for about a mile because I thought I knew where I was going. I didn’t figure it out until I was a mile and a half down a 700 foot hill, which of course I had to turn around and go back up. Also, it was on and off raining. And the trail had full out trail-wide puddles every few hundred feet. 10 miles could not come fast enough. Although, I did listen to the Sounders win over the radio on my drive home. And I watched (for far too long) live web streams of various aid stations and Rob Krar (in 14:53:22! Second fastest time ever and only the second person ever to finish in under 15 hours!) cross the finish line of the Western States Endurance Run and messaged back and forth with the only other friend I know, Jerod, who doesn’t think running 100 miles isn’t out of the question of possibilities (or sanity). I also am looking forward to running a 50 miler race with him later this year.  Overall net positive.

 06/29/2014 – Sunday
5m, 1:43, 2000′ – Tiger – West Tiger #3.
Great group run with Nate, Molly, Ali, and K. Rolling stops at each bend to make sure we all made it up and down the same trails. West Tiger #3 trail is basically a winding non-stop up for 2000′ feet to the top of Tiger #3. It’s not particularly steep-steep, but constantly up for 2.5 miles and for the most part all runnable (by someone a bit more in shape than me.) Down the steep “unmaintained trail” otherwise known as the Section Line trail and turned onto Railroad Grade and hooked back into West Tiger #3 and back to the parking lot. Nice to run with friends!

Weekly running time: 6:08
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 5,869′

Quite a step back from last week’s totals, mostly planned, but maybe a just a bit less than I was hoping for. Legs felt alright for the most part, but suffered from a lack of motivation all week. I guess two full weeks of running by myself was a bit too much and I needed to run with some friends and family – thankfully I have both.

Two weeks to Mt Hood 50. Seven weeks to Squamish 50.

Lake Washington, Bellevue, and the Cascades way far in the background.
Lake Washington, Bellevue, and the Cascades way far in the background.

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