06/30 – 07/06

06/30/2014 – Monday

07/01/2014 – Tuesday
Watched the USMNT World Cup game.
Valiant, but unfortunate end to the #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave vs Belgium Round of 16 elimination game. 1-0 them after extra time. Let’s do it again in 4 years!

07/02/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer.
Equivalent to a speed/interval workout except with lateral work.

07/03/2014 – Thursday
A night on the town with cousin(-in-laws).

07/04/2014 – Friday
10k, 1:07, 250′ – Mazama – MCT.
After a 3.5 hour car ride, from Seattle, an easy talkable 10k is the best way to stretch out the legs and celebrate Independence Day with Andrew and K.

07/05/2014 – Saturday
AM – 10m, 3:55, 2200′ – North Cascades – Rainy/Cutthroat Pass
A planned point to point with a car key exchange midday turned into a party exchange and instead of K and me coming down the Cutthroat side, I turned around just over the pass and made the return trip with Andrew. Last 2 miles up and 1000 feet up were completely snowed in, so the running turned to power hiking which turned to just hiking with a little post-holing every now and then. Bits of trail were exposed every couple hundred feet and old footprints led the way when the bits of trail spanned farther apart. The return trip was quite faster skiing/skating down the snowfields. We stopped at multiple snowmelt stream crossings for multiple camera shots. Who runs down a trail, snapping photos on the run, and checking photos on the run with their shiny expensive camera?! Andrew does. I was concentrating on only running and with poles and almost bit it more than once. When he decides to put down the camera and run-run, that’ll be another competitor to keep your eye on. The other side of the fork in the trail I could see him taking is race photography. Who wouldn’t want to travel most every weekend to beautiful usually remote-ish locations and snap incredible photos of runners? I’m keeping one eye open and patiently waiting for a fresh new Montana-based ultra race photographer. Thanks Andrew for letting me be your test subject – new profile photos and possible website masthead for this site coming soon?
PM – 2.5m, 0:35, 500′ – Mazama – West Fawn Creek
Short evening shake out run. Run cut short – turned back by nervous cows and calves having  dinner on the side of the road.

 07/06/2014 – Sunday
Travel day.
The drive back into the city always seems to take longer, which honestly I guess it probably does.

Weekly running time: 5:37
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 2,972′

The plan was to taper – plan accomplished by consuming more ice cream, cold tasty beverages, and actual meat *gasp!* than I probably needed. Have been feeling a bit apprehensive and anxious about Mt Hood the past couple of weeks, but by the end of the week those feelings have subsided enough that I’m content with where my training currently is. That is a good thing, because there’s nothing I can do now that will change how (un?)prepared I already am.

The plan this week is for a few easy short runs to keep the legs moving, get plenty of sleep before the night before the race, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, have another look through the course profile and aid station distances a few more times, pack before the night before, and get myself in the right mindset.

6 days to Mt Hood 50. 41 days to Squamish 50. Buckle up, the next month is going to be fun!

Wildflowers are blooming at the North Cascades Rainy Pass.
Wildflowers are blooming at the North Cascades Rainy Pass.
There's a trail here somewhere at the North Cascades Cutthroat Pass.
There’s a trail here somewhere at the North Cascades Cutthroat Pass.
Look out for this guy coming soon to a race near you? Yeah, that's frigid glacial melt water he's casually just hanging out in.
Look out for this guy coming soon to a race near you? That’s frigid snow melt water he’s casually just hanging out in.

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