07/14 – 07/27

07/14/2014 – Monday
The bottom outside mid-strike of both feet hurt. Does this mean I’m a mid-foot striker or are my shoes too narrow through that section? Either is completely possible at this point.

07/15/2014 – Tuesday
Legs feel shockingly ok considering I ran 50 miles three days ago, but my feet are so beat up, that it really honestly hurts to walk.

07/16/2014 – Wednesday
Why is everyone running everywhere? Oh, they’re not – really, everyone is just walking? Wow, I’m slow. (No shocker there.)

07/17/2014 – Thursday
Feet are slightly less sore, but still sore.

07/18/2014 – Friday
Almost back to feeling like I could run. Or at least walk normally.

07/19/2014 – Saturday
Rest and Portland
The urge to get back out and run is building, but it has only been 7 days since my first 50 miler (!), so I better not. Plus, we went wine tasting down in the Willamette Valley and drinking before running never leads to anything good. For example when I see people drinking and then running in movies, it’s usually from the cops.

07/20/2014 – Sunday
Rest and Journey concert
After All These Years the legs feel good to go, but probably aren’t yet. Faithfully the feet have mostly healed and feel good to go. Only The Young might have replenished their glycogen levels by now, but I probably haven’t so I should probably eat and sleep more with Open Arms. Wow, that sounds like a terrible way to spend the next week or so as the Wheel In The Sky keeps on turning. Who’s Crying Now? Oh wait – no it doesn’t! Anyone who runs that far should be able to sit in a grass amphitheater Any Way You Want It, with the Lights turned off, and listen to a good live concert. Be Good To Yourself people and Don’t Stop believing that you don’t deserve some down time after a race. Oh yeah and we went to a Journey concert.

Weekly running time: 0:00
Weekly running miles:
Weekly running vertical gain: 0:00

Running seems hard right now. Why do people pay other people hard earned money to put themselves through that willingly?! Why am I so hungry right now? Why am I singing Journey songs in my head and mentally fist-pumping the air to rock ballads, blazing guitar solos and melodic? All great questions. No great answers.

07/21/2014 – Monday
I’m still a bit too tired to run, but not tired enough to not listen to Journey all day.

07/22/2014 – Tuesday
Was planning on finally getting back to this whole running thing, but life got in the way.

07/23/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer.
First time in a week and half of moving my legs faster than a brisk walk. Legs feel ok, but I can tell they don’t have the same zip as they normally do, which is unfortunate because all the teams we play against are good and everyone is fast, not ultra fast, but 10-15 years younger than me – sprinting past me, left and right, repeatedly – fast. Maybe I’m not quite as recovered as I thought I was.

07/24/2014 – Thursday
9m, 1:36, ~400′ – Lake Union
So this is what it feels like to actually run again! Interesting. I don’t remember it being so hard. We didn’t run fast and with little to no elevation, but the whole run still felt labored.

07/25/2014 – Friday
I ran yesterday. I probably deserve a rest day. Obviously.

07/26/2014 – Saturday
12.5m, 3:24, ~1800′ – Squamish, BC – Alice Lake
Spur of the moment day trip to Squamish to preview a portion of the 50 mile course. Squamish is possibly one of the most beautiful picturesque scenic places I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I get to run 50 miles of this in a couple of weeks! Amazing-amazing trail system. It feels like you’re running in a surreal fairyland with the landscape changing at every bend of the trail. Squamish 50 cannot be here soon enough.  Now if only my legs would respond with a little more pep.

07/27/2014 – Sunday
8m, 1:53, ~2500′ – Tiger
Slugged out this run. My heart rate was high the entire run and I feel like except for the first mile to mile and a half I hiked up the entire way to West Tiger #3. Feet are back to normal again. My legs are not. A little worrisome, but there’s still time to get it all sorted out.

Weekly running miles: ~29.7
Weekly running time: 6:53
Weekly running vertical gain:

Encouraging to be back out and running again. A little less encouraging that my legs feel so heavy and every run feels like a complete workout. Even the runs that are supposed to be slow and easy are not – well, they’re slow, but don’t feel easy. On the upside the day trip to Squamish was amazing. I may or may not make it back to 100% by the time race day comes around, but with the little course preview that I saw, there is no doubt that I’ll be completely inspired to complete the race just so I get to see the entire route!

20 days to Squamish 50!

So I get to run around incredible trails, here at Squamish?  My mind is blown.
So I get to run around incredible trails, here at Squamish? My mind is blown.
Squamish "singletrack".
Squamish “singletrack”.
Moss covered forest floor at Squamish.
Moss covered forest floor at Squamish.
Squamish 50 trail signage spotting.
Squamish 50 trail signage spotting.
Just another usual Tiger Mountain Run.
Just another usual Tiger Mountain Run.
At the Tower of Power, Steve Miller Band, and Journey concert.
At the Tower of Power, Steve Miller Band, and Journey concert.

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