07/28 – 08/03

07/28/2014 – Monday

07/29/2014 – Tuesday
10k, 0:58, ~900′ – CH
Easing back into this whole running thing. Just in time too.

07/30/2014 – Wednesday
5m, 0:54, ~350′ and 90min soccer.
One of the regular routes. Pretty tired by the end of the second game of soccer and just tried to not do something stupid and to get myself hurt.

07/31/2014 – Thursday
9m, 1:38, ~1200′ – CH
A different regular route. Ran easy talkable with Mark. Wanted to run a few more miles, but didn’t. Probably should have though.

08/01/2014 – Friday

08/02/2014 – Saturday
5m, 1:38, ~1500′ – Wallace Falls
It was hot, muggy, and all uphill to the top of Upper Wallace Falls, so we power hiked most of the uphill and eased our way downhill. A few nice open looks down the valley into Sky Country and some picturesque views of Lower, Middle, and Upper Wallace Falls, but the trail was so so so crowded with day hikers. Hard to get into any sort of rhythm before having to move off to the side of of the trail to pass or be passed. Perhaps Wallace Lake would have been less crowded or perhaps the Wallace Falls trail would would have been less crowded if we would have gone earlier or if we would have gone later or if we had gone on a different day or time of year or…

08/03/2014 – Sunday
14.5m, 3:03, ~1300′ – CH/Foster Island
Missed the Seafair and Blue Angels crowd by a few hours which was enough to let most of the pedestrian and car traffic go, but the boats were still clearing out of Lake Washington and back through the Montlake Cut. The route we ran is one of my favorite runs through the city, acquiring a bit of elevation gain (and descent) while making a beeline dead east toward Lake Washington, skimming literally along the waterfront, linking up multiple parks including an arboretum, traversing swamp land and floating walkways at Foster Island, passing under the Montlake drawbridge, running on the old re-installed Husky Stadium turf field, winding up the peaceful mile long stretch of Interlaken overlooking Lake Washington, continuing upwards through Volunteer Park and Cal Anderson Park and then finally ending in the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city.

Weekly running miles: ~39.8
Weekly running time: 8:10
Weekly running vertical gain:

This whole 5 weeks between races is an odd time period. There’s a week (or week and a half? Or two?) to recover, a week to ‘train’ (or two?) and two weeks to taper. It’s not nearly enough to any of the three well enough and yet I’m doing it. Feeling a bit anxious (still) about Squamish and not quite ready and yet it’ll be here in 13 days. Getting a head start studying the map, elevation profile, and distances between aid stations.

Foster Island floating walk (run?)  ways.
Foster Island floating walk (run?)
Lake Washington and Bellevue.
Lake Washington and Bellevue.
Pike Place Market with Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains on the horizon.
Pike Place Market with Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains on the horizon.
Wallace Falls.
Wallace Falls.
Husky Stadium.
Husky Stadium.

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