08/03 – 08/10

07/28/2014 – Monday

07/29/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:39, ~550′ – Discovery Park
Not sure why I was completely out of breath for how slow I felt like I was running.

07/30/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer.
I ran hard. We lost. I guess I should have run harder…or just played soccer better.

07/31/2014 – Thursday
4m, 0:50, ~500′ – Discovery Park
Night run with headlamps with Molly and Nate. It was dark and we saw glowing yellow beady raccoon eyes everywhere. Actually only 6 pairs, but 2 of them were babies in trees that we had to run under with mom just off to the side of the trail. Almost a full moon, but somehow the trail was still dark. No attention to pace, just practice running with a headlamp on.

08/01/2014 – Friday

08/02/2014 – Saturday
11m, 3:48, ~2950′ – Tiger
Took Gregor out on his last day in the US before flying back to Germany to Tiger Mountain for his first trail run…and the longest time for a run…and the most elevation gain for a run…and the farthest run he’s ever been on. Good thing I didn’t tell him entirely how long we were going to be out for…or how much vert we were going to run…or how far we were going to run. Also good thing there’s a bit of a fudge factor when calculating miles to kilometers. That’s right, I fudged math – sometimes known as rounding down…sometimes by a whole couple of miles. Es tut mir leid Gregor, ager unterwegs!

08/03/2014 – Sunday
6 days tip Squamish!

Weekly running miles: ~20.1
Weekly running time: 5:17
Weekly running vertical gain:

Did I mention it’s 6 days until Squamish 50?! Feeling ok. Not as strong as the week before I went into Mt Hood 50, but “the hay is in the barn”, hopefully it’s enough hay to last 50 miles.

Discovery Park headlamp night run!
Discovery Park headlamp night run!
Paragliders and a hang glider at Tiger Mountain's Poo Poo Point.
Paragliders and a hang glider at Tiger Mountain’s Poo Poo Point.

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