08/11 – 08/17

08/11/2014 – Monday

08/12/2014 – Tuesday
3m, 0:44, ~300′ – Discovery Park
Family runs make for the best taper runs. Plus we get to pee in the forest. And sniff the fresh smell of the Sound. And bark at other dogs.

08/13/2014 – Wednesday
56 holes of golf.
That’s 3 rounds plus an additional 2 holes. Not bad for the first tee time being 9:10am and stopping in at the clubhouse for a 30 minute lunch. Of course we rode in a cart for the entire day and I only hit my stride the last 12 holes. Finished with sunlight to spare.

08/14/2014 – Thursday

08/15/2014 – Friday
Travel day.
Seattle traffic and Canada border traffic on a Friday afternoon, to put it nicely, sucks word that rhymes with trucking word that also means donkey.

08/16/2014 – Saturday
Squamish 50 mile – Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
An early, dark, headlamp start gave way to a humid, foggy day that cleared and opened up by the afternoon relenting to the fiery orb in the sky which was great because that finally gave me a chance to see the 11,000 feet of vert and 50 miles of sublime incredibly technical single track winding through forests containing every shade of green I’ve ever seen.

08/17/2014 – Sunday
Watched the 23k and 50k race finish.
Fast fast super fast finishers! Legs and feet were much better the day after than the last race.

Weekly running miles: ~53.4
Weekly running time: 12:10
Weekly running vertical gain:

5 weeks to Yellowstone-Teton Endurance Run 50 mile race!

Discovery Park sand dunes.
Discovery Park sand dunes.
Squamish forest canopy.
Squamish forest canopy.

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