08/18 – 08/24

08/18/2014 – Monday
Feet don’t hurt and the legs are bit sore, although not as sore as they were after the last 50 miler.

08/19/2014 – Tuesday
Legs are bit more sore today.

08/20/2014 – Wednesday
Sounders game.
Seattle Sounders FC 1 – San Jose 1. Snooze fest.

08/21/2014 – Thursday
Another day of not running isn’t going to hurt anything, right?

08/22/2014 – Friday
Travel day.
Packet pick-up in Winthrop for the Cutthroat Classic.

08/23/2014 – Saturday
Cutthroat Classic – North Cascades, Washington
Wasn’t really sure how this one would go as it was the first run since the 50 miler, but gave it a go. Runners are sent out in waves and as with last year I had registered for the second to last wave knowing that I would (hopefully) finish much faster than the self-seed I gave myself, so I went out hard to beat everyone in my wave to the singletrack trailhead so I wouldn’t be bogged down from the start. Up to Cutthroat Pass seemed harder than last year, probably from leg fatigue leftover from the prior week and not running for a week (well that’s an odd combination). Down the backside was quicker though and I do love bombing down some 6 miles of steady decently technical downgrade! Pleasantly surprise myself by besting my time from last year by a minute.

08/24/2014 – Sunday
5.5m, 1:02, 20′ – Dripping Springs, Methow Valley
Easy recovery loop along the Methow River.

Weekly running miles: ~16.0
Weekly running time: 2:42
Weekly running vertical gain:

4 weeks to Yellowstone-Teton Endurance Run 50 mile race!

Dripping Springs.
Dripping Springs.
The Methow Valley.
The Methow Valley.

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