08/25 – 08/31

08/25/2014 – Monday

08/26/2014 – Tuesday
2m, 0:19, ~0′ – South Lake Union
From work to the lake for one last afternoon of “summer”. Everyone else jumped in the lake. I went and got cold tasty adult beverages for the group. Everyone won.

08/27/2014 – Wednesday
45min soccer.
We lost. By a lot. It sucked. No one ran. And I got mad, partly because we lost, but more so because no one seemed to try at all. My time would have probably been better spent running. My mood most definitely would have been.

08/28/2014 – Thursday
7.5m, 1:29, ~600′ – CH
First time down (and up) Interlaken in a while and now I don’t remember why I stopped running it.

08/29/2014 – Friday
2m, 0:14, ~10′ – Pacific Crest Trail at Steven’s Pass
Nate was finishing up his 7 day 118 mile hike from Rainy Pass to Steven’s Pass and I was his ride back to civilization. Was hoping to get 4-8 miles in before running into him on the trail, but he hiked faster than he said he would. Hiked back to the trailhead with him.

08/30/2014 – Saturday
Sounders game and Travel Day
Tried to get up early to go for a long run, but I’m lazy (apparently). After the 4.5 hour drive, there wasn’t enough light out for a run.

08/31/2014 – Sunday
18m, 3:26, ~4200′ – Maple Pass + Rainy Pass to Cutthroat Pass and TH. – North Cascades
Two of my favorite North Cascade trails all in one day! Maple Pass is short and steep with outstanding vistas to the south and birds eye views of Ann Lake and Rainy Lake. Rainy to Cutthroat is a bit more forgiving with views of Easy Pass to the west and the Methow Valley to the east as you crest the intersection of the Pacific Crest trail and Cutthroat Pass and find your way down to the Cutthroat trailhead. Both are equally stunning ascending upwards through an ever more alpine environment before descending back down technical single track sustained downgrade. Great weather. Great run. I wish this was my backyard and I could do this run everyday. Someday…

Weekly running miles: ~29.3
Weekly running time: 5:28
Weekly running vertical gain:

Nice to get back out and running again…and just in time since I have this other little race I have coming up in 3 weeks!

Maple Pass looking south.
Maple Pass looking south.
Duck Dodge on South Lake Union happens every Tuesday from Memorial Day-ish to just past Labor Day-ish.
Duck Dodge on South Lake Union happens every Tuesday from Memorial Day-ish to just past Labor Day-ish.
North Cascade wildflowers.
North Cascade wildflowers.
Ann Lake.
Ann Lake.
Rainy Lake.
Rainy Lake.
Cutthroat Pass looking west.
Cutthroat Pass looking west.
Cutthroat Pass at the Pacific Crest Trail.
Cutthroat Pass at the Pacific Crest Trail.

2 thoughts on “08/25 – 08/31

  1. On the Pacific Crest Trail sign, does the “No, 2000” sign represent feet or meters? Also, did not notice a distance representation on the other sign below.



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