09/01 – 09/07

09/01/2014 – Monday
17m, 3:02, ~2100′ – Gunn Ranch Road to Winthrop, North Cascades
Tired legs from the previous day’s run. The entire run was exposed. Didn’t bring enough water. Kind of wished I was on a bike for the last 10 miles as it’s all downhill. More or less walked in the last 2 miles. Stopped by Diablo Lake for a short walk and break with TV on the way back to Seattle for preemptive car puking measures – it worked.

09/02/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:54, ~400′ – CH
A usual Capitol Hill loop. Although not my usual Capitol Hill loop.

09/03/2014 – Wednesday
7.5m, 1:21, ~700′ – Interlaken Park Hill repeats x3 and 45min soccer
Not a fan of out and backs or hill repeats, but am a fan of Interlaken, so it was a wash? Half the down with K, then half on my own. Turn around and half the up with K, then half on my own. Rinse, wash, and repeat two more times. Jumped in the car and went to play soccer afterwards for my “sprint session”.

09/04/2014 – Thursday
18 holes of golf – West Seattle GC
Walked about 5 miles with 20 pounds(?) on my back. Possibly could have been closer to 4 or 4.5 miles if I didn’t have to walk back and forth from one side of the fairway to the other side after every shot.

09/05/2014 – Friday
18 holes of golf – McCormick Woods GC
Two days in a row! Although I rode in a cart this time and it was a 4 person scramble.

09/06/2014 – Saturday
3m, 0:36, ~200′ – SLU – To there and from there.
Met up with friends at South Lake Union again for a dip in the lake. They dipped and I watched their stuff to make sure no one passing by dipped into their stuff. Probably should have ran more, but didn’t.

09/07/2014 – Sunday
12.5m, 2:47, ~3600′ – Tiger
A normal loop for me with West Tiger #2 tagged in for just a bit more vert. This loop is a far better run in the early spring before the plants have a chance to grow everywhere. I’ll have to remember to do one of two things the next time I run this on a late summer afternoon: either bring hiking poles, not for the vert, but to swat down spider webs, or bring a buddy and let them run ahead of me so they swat down all the spiderwebs. I ran relaxed and the whole run felt easy and to be expected, a bit slow.

Weekly running miles: ~45.4
Weekly running time: 8:40
Weekly running vertical gain:

Would have like to run a back to back on Saturday/Sunday, but my discipline was lacking this past weekend. 13 days until I meet up with a friend for a little stroll with some buffaloes where one of the ‘race requirements’ is to carry bear spray. The other option is to just run faster than the person between you and the bear.

Gunn Ranch Road.
Gunn Ranch Road.
Diablo Lake.
Diablo Lake.
Seattle skyline.
Seattle skyline from Puget Sound.
Leaving Bainbridge Island ferry terminal.
Leaving Bainbridge Island ferry terminal.

2 thoughts on “09/01 – 09/07

  1. Read your notes regarding Tiger and bears. Remember, sometimes life (running) is a bear.



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