09/08 – 09/14

09/08/2014 – Monday

09/09/2014 – Tuesday
I didn’t feel like running, so I didn’t.

09/10/2014 – Wednesday
90min soccer
A normal midweek speed session. It’s always more fun when you win, twice.

09/11/2014 – Thursday
It’s a taper week, right?

09/12/2014 – Friday
Sounder’s game vs. Real Salt Lake
Here is the video gif version of the and here is the MLS write-up and highlights, both of which are more fun to watch than me writing about the Sounder’s 94th minute win. I carb-ed up…a week in advance. It’s a part of my taper plan.

09/13/2014 – Saturday
Nice day out which probably should have been spent running, but instead I woke up late, ate brunch at one of my favorite brunch spots, Voula’s, sat on the couch after I got home and generally did nothing  of any sort of physical activity all day. I’m tapering right?

09/14/2014 – Sunday
8.5m, 1:37, ~775′ – CH
First time I’ve ever had GI issues during a run and it wasn’t fun. I hope that never happens again. Not exactly the last inspiring, reassuring last longish run that you dream of before a race. And yet, it happened. A new experience that now doesn’t have to be new during a race. That’s why I’m tapering or something.

Weekly running miles: ~8.5
Weekly running time: 1:37
Weekly running vertical gain:

So, not exactly the taper week I had planned. Didn’t run even a third of what I wanted and had planned to run as a minimum. Sooooo, I’m either completely ready or completely not ready for next Saturday. I’m a little anxious and not so at the same time. I’ve run a 50 mile race before. In fact, I’ve run two of them. I’ve even run a second 50 mile run on just 5 weeks rest before (just like this time), so I know I can do this. But at the same time I was the most prepared, trained, and ready for the first race. A little less ready for the second race. And I feel even less prepared for this race. Maybe some rest is in order after this coming week…or not. I may yet have a few more things planned this season…

No photos this week!

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