12/01 – 12/31

12/01 – 12/07

12/01/2014 – Monday
5m, 0:59, ~400′ – CH
We like to run and talk. This was the perfect pace to do just that.

12/02/2014 – Tuesday
10k, 0:55, ~950 – CH
My usual-ish loop. Hit a few landmarks – Lake Washington, the half mile decently kind of steep constant inclined hill, the ridiculous steep but only two blocks long hill and the slightly less steep than the last last one but more steep than the first one that is five blocks long. The rest of the route is a choose your own adventure. The difference is though the adventure never ends until I end up back where I started.

12/03/2014 – Wednesday
6m, 1:09, ~450 – CH
Her usual 6 mile route and I just tagged along for fun.

12/06/2014 – Saturday
9.5m, 1:57, 2200′ – Cougar
Ben is fast. I am not. It’s good to run with people who are faster than you from time to time. It’s humbling and inspirational. Makes me want to get faster, stronger, and better.

12/07/2014 – Sunday
9m, 2:18, ~2500 – Tiger and Trail Running Film Fest
Nate and I got lost trying to run and connect new trails we’d never been on. Decent bit of backtracking and route finding. So much for a trail map. Or rather, maybe I should get one that’s current and not use the one that’s 15 years old. In the evening we went to watch the Trail Running Film Fest which is a bunch of film shorts made by amateur and professional filmmakers documenting runs, races, and adventures all of the running genre. We saw the first go around of this exact film fest which also happened to be the very first showing of a nationwide tour and the films were good. This was the bookend and very last stop of the nationwide tour and while some films remained and were shown again, other quite more professionally shot and edited films were included and they were incredible. The little films I put together are heads and shoulders (knees and toes) (knees and toes) below the qualities of these films that were shown. I have a lot of work to do both on the running, filming, and editing front. Two surprises were that in one of the films by Project Talaria documenting the Yakima Syline Rim 50k trail run from this past year, (Sidebar: My woeful and slightly embarrassing race report here.) I get my 2 seconds of fame and can be seen coming into an aid station with volunteers helping me refill bottles around the 5:50 mark. Oh yeah, and Ben Gibbard, you might know him from such bands as The Postal Service or Death Cab for Cutie or Pedro the Lion, was there and played a short acoustical set to close out the evening. What a treat. Sidebar: I ran with Ben for 15 miles at the Baker Lake 50k a few years ago knowing his name was Ben, but not really knowing who he was at the time. It wasn’t until the Trail Running Mazagine’s “Dirt” edition came out that the light bulb clicked and I put two and two together. Side-sidebar: My first go around living in Seattle I ‘found’ The Postal Service and listened to that music for what seemed like for a full year straight. 11 years later, a running full circle. Small world. Photo here.

Weekly running miles: ~36.0
Weekly running time: 7:18
Weekly running vertical gain:

12/08 – 12/14

12/09/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:46, ~400′ – CH
When Valor and Tucker wanted to run, we ran. When they wanted to stop and sniff a pole, we stopped and sniffed. When it was time to mark it and make it theirs, we stopped and marked.

12/13/2014 – Saturday
14m, 2:10, ~1650′ – CH
Linked up 12 Seattle City parks trying to find as much urban city trails as possible. Crossed paths with a mob of Santas and Elves, and Naughty Santas and Naughty Elves stumbling and mumbling between Santacon stops.

Deception Pass 50k
Crewed for my wife as she completed her very first ultra and 50k race! She looked strong, in control, and smiling and having fun every time I saw her for the entire race. I am so incredibly proud of her and excited and happy for her! Can’t wait to see what she has in store for next year. (Actually I already know. It may more may not include the numbers 5 and 0 and a distance that starts with the letter M. You should probably just ask her.)

Weekly running miles: ~19.3
Weekly running time: 2:56
Weekly running vertical gain:

12/15 – 12/21

Work and life interfered with any kind of running this entire week. Sometimes this happens.

Weekly running miles: ~0.0
Weekly running time: 0:00
Weekly running vertical gain:
  exactly 0′

12/22 – 12/28

12/24/2014 – Wednesday
8.5m, 1:19, ~1150′ – Little Mountain, Mount Vernon
Was planning on just a 3 mile run, but had so much fun that it turned into a 5 mile run. That was so much fun and I found myself at the base of Little Mountain that it turned into 8.5 miles and some sweet single track trail.

12/25/2014 – Thursday
9m, 1:31, ~1600′ – Blanchard Mountain, Bow
Christmas morning run with Ben and Josh through trails, around horse patties, dodging boxers, twisting an ankle, acquiring vistas of Puget Sound, in fog that turns everything into black and white, past snow covered bridges, under the tape of closed trails, sidestepping murky bogs and lakes, whooping and hollering, and bombing down the screaming fast descent back to the car. All before 10am. Broke in a new pair of Altra Lone Peak 2.0 shoes (Thanks for the Christmas present Andrew!) Now that’s how you start a Christmas morning. You finish off Christmas by traveling 5.5 hours over to the snowy sunny eastside of Mazama in the Methow Valley.

12/26/2014 – Friday
Classic Nordic Skiing
6m, 1:29, ~300′ – Mazama and 3m, 0:38 ~50′ – Mazama
Our first time out on skis this year and the weather could not have been more perfect. Everyone seems to be skate skiing this year which means even less people in the groomed tracks which is even better for us as they’re so deep and in great condition which is great because we’re not all that good. Skate skiing seems like it would be fun, but more work and harder. Although I suppose I’m not opposed entirely to that.

12/28/2014 – Sunday
Classic Nordic Skiing
12m, 2:52, ~200′ – Mazama
Although the Flagg Mountain loop, Coyote Run, and Goat Wall loop are flat and easy, they’re also groomed the entire way so it’s fast and with beautiful vistas. The run over to  Basecamp is just as pretty winding through the trees, but harder (for classic cross country skiers) because there aren’t any tracks. Crossing the River, it’s a short run on River Run and back along the Methow Community Trail to the Mazama Junction. Great day to end our little stay in the Methow Valley.

Weekly skiing miles: ~21.0
Weekly skiing time: 5:00
Weekly skiing vertical gain:

12/29 – 12/31

12/30/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:55, ~350′ – CH
We talked about 2015 running goals – not times or paces or splits, but things like I want to be able to keep my heart rate lower for a longer period of time and I want to focus on acquiring more vert this year and becoming more efficient at power hiking.

12/32/2014 – Wednesday
10m, 2:11, ~3100′ – Tiger
Last run of 2014!

Weekly running miles: ~15.2
Weekly running time: 3:06
Weekly running vertical gain:

Cougar Mountain's The Nothing.
Cougar Mountain’s The Nothing.
Trail Running Film Festival.
Trail Running Film Festival.
Lake Washington looking toward Bellevue.
Lake Washington looking toward Bellevue.
Deception Pass bridge at the Deception Pass 50k.
Deception Pass bridge at the Deception Pass 50k.
Deception Pass 50k.
Deception Pass 50k.
Raindrops are falling from the sky...
Raindrops are falling from the sky…
If it weren't so fogged in, the colors would be green and brown.
If it weren’t so fogged in, the colors would be green and brown.
Blanchard Mountain tree tops.
Blanchard Mountain tree tops.
Groomed cross country skiing tracks are like having training wheels on or bumper bowling, except when your ski pops out and you fall and crash.
Groomed cross country tracks are like having training wheels on or bumper bowling, except when your ski pops out and you fall and crash.
Groomed trails make for good skiing.
Groomed trails make for good skiing.
A beautiful morning in the Methow Valley
A beautiful morning in the Methow Valley
Skiing without tracks is harder and slower.
Skiing without tracks is harder and slower.

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