12/29 – 02/01

12/29 – 01/04

12/30/2014 – Tuesday
5m, 0:55, ~350 – CH
We recapped our 2014 running year and looked ahead towards what 2015 will bring us.

12/31/2014 – Wednesday
10m, 2:11, ~3100 – Tiger
One last run to close out the year. Hit T1, T2, and T3 – the mountains, not The Terminator.

01/01/2015 – Thursday
8m, 1:27, 2450′ – Tiger
Started the year off right running Tiger trails.

01/03/2015 – Saturday
16m, 3:03, ~3300 – Cougar
Explored new trails, finding all the waterfalls I could in Cougar Mountain and struggled through the last 4 miles. Maybe I should have eased back into this whole running thing.

01/04/2015 – Sunday
10m, 2:19, ~3100 – Tiger
Picking off trails on the north side of Tiger to put together the ‘perfect’ run.

Weekly running miles: ~49.1
Weekly running time: 9:55
Weekly running vertical gain:

01/05 – 01/11

01/06/2015 – Tuesday
5m, 0:58, ~350′ – CH
A usual loop through Capitol Hill. Sidebar: Capitol Hill was named by a developer to try to convince Washington State to move it’s government from Olympia to Seattle.

01/07/2015 – Wednesday
6m, 0:51, ~1000′ – CH
Another usual loop. Sidebar, part 2 of 3: Capitol may have also been named by the same developer after the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado for his wife’s hometown.

01/08/2014 – Thursday
6m, 0:54, ~900′ – CH
Modified my usual loop ever so slightly. Sidebar, part 3 of 3: A combination of the two explanations are most likely true.

01/10/2015 – Saturday
18.5m, 4:41, ~6200′ – Tiger
Add the Chirico Trail to my usual long loop. Always heard of it, but never been on it. Funny thing is when you don’t start at that trail head and pass people on your way down, then turn around and go back up to the top (so you can make it back to the actual trail head you started at) passing those same people, most say, “wow, going back up?” or “how many times is this?” or “second time up?” It takes too much time to explain that actually you’re 15 miles into your run and it’s actually only your first time of the day up the trail, so the answer is just, “yeah” with a knowing smile.

01/11/2015 – Sunday
10m, 1:48, ~2000′ – Cougar
My usual 10 mile loop includes two of my more favorite trails, the Jim Whittaker Wilderness Peak (named after the famed Seattle mountaineer and first American to reach the peak of Mount Everest) and the Gombu Wilderness Cliffs (named after Sherpa Nawang Gombu, the nephew of famed Sherpa Tenzing Norway who accompanied Jim Whittaker and then returned to summit the next year to become the first person to summit Mount Everest twice.)

Weekly running miles: ~46.0
Weekly running time: 9:13
Weekly running vertical gain:

01/12 – 01/18

01/12/2015 – Tuesday
6.5m, 0:59, ~1000′ – CH
Nothing to see here. Move along. No really, it’s just another normal Capital Hill loop.

01/13/2015 – Wednesday
6.5m, 1:08, ~950′ – CH
Andy joined me for my usual loop but only after I guaranteed him it would be slow. I failed to tell him that there would 950′ feet of vert and that would be why we are running slow.

01/17/2015 – Saturday
20m, 4:44, ~6700′ – Tiger
Trying to maximize vert per mile.

Weekly running miles: ~33.0
Weekly running time: 6:51
Weekly running vertical gain:

01/19 – 01/25

01/20/2015 – Tuesday
4.5m, 0:41, ~?’ – Downtown Seattle
Chris and I did a quick lunch run from Downtown, up Yesler and over to the Mountain to Sound Greenway. I apparently don’t know how to remember bringing every running thing for lunch runs (I’ve actually always forgot to bring something for lunch runs – sometimes shoes, sometimes my contact, sometimes my watch, sometimes clothes) and also don’t know how to use Strava on my phone.

01/25/2015 – Sunday
10m, 2:35, ~1900′ – Cougar
We ran my 10 mile loop which just so happens to be only a few trails different from a few other 10 mile routes from trail running clubs and races. It was warm and sunny which was weird for June-uary.

Weekly skiing miles: ~14.9
Weekly skiing time: 3:16
Weekly skiing vertical gain:

01/26 – 02/01

01/27/2015 – Tuesday
6m, 0:50, ~1000′ – CH
Well that was faster than planned. A rare weekday afternoon run in the sun turned to rain and darkness by the end of the run.

01/28/2015 – Wednesday
8m, 1:12, ~1050′ – CH
My usual loop is about 6 miles and I can pretty easily and knowingly add or subtract a few blocks to tweak the distance and vert, but I’m going to have to figure out a slightly different loop for 8 miles so I’m not zig-zagging parallel blocks.

01/29/2015 – Thursday
7m, 1:01, ~1100′ – CH
It was nice out and I wanted to run a bit more., so I did.

01/31/2015 – Saturday
20m, 4:46, ~6250′ – Tiger
Started in daylight, finished under headlamp in darkness. Cramped with about 5 miles left and thought I might not make it back to the car. But I guess that’s why I do these training runs to find that fine line of how hard I can push, how little (or how much) I need to stay hydrated, what my body feels like right before it starts to cramp and how to problem solve to mitigate the cramping (not much apparently). Cut the run and vert a bit short because of the cramping.

02/11/2015 – Sunday
12m, 1:57, ~1050′ – CH
Pre-SuperBowl run!

Weekly running miles: ~53.2
Weekly running time: 9:53
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:

Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon: 2 weeks
Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 10 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 15 weeks
Mohican 100m: 20 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 29 weeks

Mt Rainier peaking through the clouds.
Mt Rainier peaking through the clouds.
So much fog this year. Cougar Mountain.
So much fog this year. Cougar Mountain.
Fingerlings. Tiger Mountain.
Fingerlings. Tiger Mountain.
Lost video clips from  Tiger Mountain.
Lost video clips from < insert any sci-fi movie here > at Tiger Mountain.
The view up here. Hiker's Hut Viewpoint. Tiger Mountain.
The view up here. Hiker’s Hut Viewpoint. Tiger Mountain.
Gloves for my feet.
Gloves for my feet.
There's a trail here somewhere. Tiger Mountain.
There’s a trail here somewhere. Tiger Mountain.
Majestic Mount Rainier.
Majestic Mount Rainier.

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