02/02 – 02/15

02/02 – 02/08

02/02/2015 – Monday – Rest

02/03/2015 – Tuesday
6m, 1:01, ~1000′ – CH
Lot on my mind. Forgot I was even running for a bit.

02/04/2015 – Wednesday – Rest
Heel hurts. It’s either a deep heel bruise or a stress fracture or some mild form of plantar fasciitis or? Not sure yet.

02/05/2015 – Thursday – Rest
Bummed. Heel still hurts. Still not sure why. Laying low for a few days to see if it gets any better.

02/06/2015 – Friday – Rest
At least it’s a planned rest day. Pre-Birthday Day present was a Feetures Plantar Faciitis Sleeve. Hopefully this will help.

02/07/2015 – Saturday
8.5m, 2:03, ~1300′ – Cougar
Birthday run! Testing out the left heel whatever it is mild injury thing that I have with a ginger run. Thankfully(?) the whole route had so much mud it was almost like running on a bed. If the bed was full of water and mud.

02/08/2015 – Sunday
11m, 2:05, ~2000′ – Cougar
Had so much fun yesterday in the mud that I decided to go back today. Not nearly as much mud. Almost as fun though. Heel feels decent, though still taking it easy.

Weekly running miles: ~26.2
Weekly running time: 5:12
Weekly running vertical gain:

02/09 – 02/15

02/09/2015 – Monday – Rest

02/10/2015 – Tuesday
5m, 1:01, ~400′ – CH
We ran and talked, then ran and didn’t talk, then ran and talked some more. Though, I do not remember what we talked about.

02/11/2015 – Wednesday
8m, 1:12, ~1150′ – CH
Stretched the usual 6 mile into an 8 miler. Thought about what I’d do if I won the $500 million Powerball lottery drawing tonight. I’m not sure what I wouldn’t do. Been wearing the compression plantar faciitis sleeve during the day and during runs, but not at night. Can still feel it’s a bit tender, but oh so much better than it did just five days ago.

02/12/2015 – Thursday
12×400 meters w/400 meter recovery, 1:13, ~200′ – Seattle U Track
First week of the next 16 Thursdays of a speed workout session. Starts with many shorter sprints and peaks out with fewer longer ‘sprints’. Sprinting is used pretty loosely here. It’s about a mile to the Seattle U. track – a perfect warm up for me. Then this workout was 400 meters of sprinting, then 400 meters of jogging as slow as I want. Repeat 12 times. If I were a little bit more ambitious I’d set a time goal for the recovery 400 meters or just have a set amount of recovery time. But the workout is hard enough for me at the moment, so jogging as slow as I want is enough for me for now.

02/13/2015 – Friday – Rest

02/14/2015 – Saturday – Valentine’s Day.
Even Saint Valentine would take today off. Or he’d sleep in and miss the planned HHRG 2015 Semiannual Menvitational – Valentine’s Day Edition that he was invited to.

01/11/2015 – Sunday
Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Marathon – Fort Ebey, Whidbey Island, WA
This being the longest I’ve run since the Yellowstone Tetons 50 mile Endurance race and really a part of a longer training plan, I approached this run as a glorified supported training run. Well, I did until I found out about 17 miles in that the guy I was running with, Michael, and myself were in 4th and 5th place. Ran with him for next couple of miles, then it was game on and all of a sudden the “training run” turned into a race for me. Worked myself to a minute back of 3rd place by the last aid station – around mile 21. Finally caught up to the 3rd place guy, John, around mile 23. Passed him at mile 24. Gapped him at mile 24.5 and finished strong in 3rd place a couple of minutes ahead of him. So much for taking easy and as only a training run. Although it was quite a unique place for me to actually be in a position to think about race strategy and capital R – Racing. 30 finishers, so not the deepest of fields, but still 3rd place is 3rd place! I’ll take it! Although I hear (and see in the results) there was a guy who finished a full hour and a half faster (with a time of 3:04!) than the ‘1st place’ guy. which is incredibly fast for a 5,500 ft vert trail marathon, so maybe I was in 4th place? Either way, no bother to me and there is really no disappointment as the entire experience itself and the social community aspect of trail runs are always the best part. Ok, maybe the finishing prize Northwest Trail Run lunch tote and Celebrator beer was a close second (third?) (fourth?)

Weekly running miles: ~45.2
Weekly running time: 8:17
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:

Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 8 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 13 weeks
Mohican 100m: 18 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 27 weeks

Sunrise at Coupeville, Whidbey Island.
Sunrise at Coupeville, Whidbey Island.
Cougar Mountain Coal Creek Falls in full February splendor.
Cougar Mountain Coal Creek Falls in full February splendor.
Coupeville Wharf. Whidbey Island.
Coupeville Wharf. Whidbey Island.

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