02/16 – 03/01

02/16 – 02/22

02/16/2015 – Monday – Rest

02/17/2015 – Tuesday
4.5m, 0:44, ~300′ – CH
My friend Molly is on her way to New Zealand for three weeks, so Nate and I went running by her place to say goodbye, but she wasn’t home, so we looped Volunteer Park instead and called it a night. It’s an easy recover week, so this shortened recover day was just the perfect pace.

02/18/2015 – Wednesday
6m, 0:54 ~950′ – CH and 45 min. indoor soccer.
Easily my most run – run. I like it because it maximizes city vert, there is a short steep 15% uphill grade, a slightly longer 14% uphill grade, and an even slightly longer 7% uphill grade. Of course what goes up must come down and so there is a nice 20% downhill grade. This run packs stairs, a short section of trail, a lake front trail, a couple of parks and almost 1000 feet of hills all into a 10k, all from my doorstep.

02/19/2015 – Thursday
8×600 meters w/300 meter recovery, 1:03, ~200′ – Seattle U. Track and curling.
Week 2 of the speed workouts. A little longer ‘sprints’, but less. The mile to the track is a good distance for a warm up and the mile back is a good cool down. I met Nick at the track and since he didn’t have a gps watch, I had to make sure I kept up with him so he would know where to stop. The track itself is a two lane track that is oval, but with tighter corner as there is an infield with a multi-use field, a softball field and space for a soccer field. Between those and it being sandwiched into a city block and the shape and length pretty much is set. We ran counterclockwise like you would on a normal track, but I think maybe next week we’ll switch it up and run counterclockwise.

02/20/2015 – Friday – Rest

02/21/2015 – Saturday – Missed planned run.
The weather was incredible and I just couldn’t pull myself to go out for a run. Counterintuitive. But all I wanted to do was sit around and enjoy the blue skies, 55 degree temps and sunshine. So I did.

02/22/2015 – Sunday
11m, 1:41, ~1750′ – Cougar
Weather was still nice, so I postponed going out for a run about as long as I could and then squeezed in the run just before sunset. Since I missed yesterday’s planned 10 mile run and today was only supposed to be 8 miles, I couldn’t decide exactly how far I should go today. So I just ran planning to get a minimum of 8 in, but if I felt good and time and remaining sunlight allowed (since I forgot my headlamp), I would stretch the run a bit. And I did. And it was great.

Weekly running miles: ~28.3
Weekly running time: 4:21
Weekly running vertical gain:

02/23 – 03/01

02/23/2015 – Monday – Rest

02/24/2015 – Tuesday
3m, 0:35, ~250′ – CH
Some days are easy and some days are hard. This was a hard day and so was the running, so we cut it short.

02/25/2015 – Wednesday
11.5m, 1:44, ~1300′ – CH and 45 min. indoor soccer
Usual front end 6 mile run, then picked up Andy for the last half and ran his usual 4 mile loop before dropping him back off at his place and finishing out the run back to my place. Sent out emails to all my crew and pacers for the Mohican 100 race that takes place later this year making sure we’re all on the same page and that everyone is at least thinking about training. Excited to pick up another confirmation from a high school friend that they’re willing to help pace. I officially have more pacers who have committed to more miles than I need (Sidebar: How awesome are my family and friends?!), so either everyone will have their pace session distances shortened or hopefully my friend Jerod might be able to utilize their help if he hasn’t found his own pacers yet.

02/26/2015 – Thursday
6×800 meters w/400 meter recovery, 1:00, ~200′ – Seattle U Track and curling
I’m not fast enough that I can sprint-sprint 800 meters (roughly half mile), so this workout is probably not as hard as it could (should?) be for me. The initial push from jog to a higher turnover is of course immediate, but settles down slightly for the middle portion of each interval before the final quarter push for a strong finish. It’s still not easy, (Are any interval speed sessions ever easy?) but it’s noticeably ever slightly easier than last week’s session or the first week’s session. Maybe it’s that 6 sets is more digestible than 12(!) sets or even 8 sets. Nick met up with me again to run which was great because it’s harder to push myself when I’m running alone. Plus Nick is 10+ years younger than me and faster so he’s essentially a rabbit that I get to hunt down for the entire session.

02/27/2015 – Friday – Rest

02/28/2015 – Saturday
19.5m, 3:48, ~4400′ – Cougar
A late start made for a late finish. Ran the last 9 miles by headlamp. By myself. On purpose. Because why? Because I can. Actually really because I need the training and experience, since I’ll be running the Zumbro 50 in 6 weeks, actually 5 weeks and 5 days, that starts at midnight. I’ve run at night before with a headlamp, but only for a few miles. The 9 miles was definitely a new experience. Hyper-aware. A little eerie at times. A little on edge at times. Slower. Even though you can’t see everything all at once, it’s easy to tell if you’re under a canopy of trees or if there’s a void or open space to one side or the other. Water on the trail under headlamp is tough to judge. Same with mud. The only downside was getting back to my car and finding the gate closed and locked. A phone call later, 45 minutes in my car with the heaters on full blast waiting for a ride home, and my very forgiving, understanding, and fantastic wife and it was a full afternoon/early evening run.

03/01/2015 – Sunday
19.5, 4:09, ~4300′ – Cougar
Well, I had to go back to get my car (that thankfully didn’t get towed), so I figured since I cut my planned run short yesterday, I’d just go out for a second go on the same route for my back to back. Overall between the two days I piled up the distance I was hoping for, although I know it’s not entirely the same as doing a really long run one day and a recovery run the next day. Nevertheless, I carried on, quite slower, but expectedly so. Yesterday I ran up moderate hills. Today I hiked anything that had any sort of positive incline not because I wanted to, but basically out of necessity. Simply put, I dragged today. Even flats and downhills for the last couple of miles were challenging. If there was ever a strength run, today was it. Compression socks and pants will be worn tonight.

Weekly running miles: ~60.2
Weekly running time: 11:15
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:

Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 6 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 11 weeks
Mohican 100m: 16 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 25 weeks

Sunset. Cougar Mountain.
Sunset. Cougar Mountain.
Viewpoint at Cougar Mountain.
Viewpoint at Cougar Mountain.
Can't wait for the trees to grow some leaves.
Can’t wait for the trees to grow some leaves. Fred’s Trail. Cougar Mountain.
Running by headlamp is a bit tunnel vision and blurry at times. Cougar Mountain.
Running by headlamp is a bit tunnel vision and blurry at times. Cougar Mountain.
It's a moon, although contrary to what the photograph shows, it's really only a 3/4 moon.
It’s a moon, although contrary to what the photograph shows, it’s really only a 3/4 moon.

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