03/02 – 03/08

03/02 – 03/08

03/02/2015 – Monday – Rest

03/03/2015 – Tuesday
5m, 0:56, ~800′ – CH
Tucker, Valor, and I romped down to Lake Washington in the fading daylight for a little bit of time in the water. Straight shot there and straight shot back. Stairs, an eensy-teensy bit of trail, the gigantic Lake Washington, a bit of cobblestone, sand, and a water fountain. Everything I’ve come to expect in my every-week mid-week city run.

03/04/2015 – Wednesday
10m, 1:40 ~1500′ – CH and 45 min. indoor soccer.
My mind is blank. I am just running. It’s a nice way to spend an hour and a half.

03/05/2015 – Thursday
5×1100 meters w/400 meter recovery, 1:03, ~400′ – Seattle U. Track and curling.
Lunch run. This was a hard workout. Nate came with me and did the first couple of intervals with me, but fell off pace and I finished out the last three by myself. It’s definitely harder to push myself when running by myself. Either that or 1100 meters at a “sprint” is just plain hard.

03/06/2015 – Friday – Rest

03/07/2015 – Saturday
26.5m, 5:11, 4100′ – Grand Ridge
Followed the Grand Ridge marathon route which is two half marathon laps. For lap 1, Nate rode his mountain bike while I ran. For lap 2, Nate ran with me for about 5 miles, then turned back. I coasted out an additional mile before turning back and trying to catch him. With a 2 mile head start, it didn’t happen. In the end I had to try to catch the end of the trail before sundown. That also didn’t happen and the final 1.5 miles were by headlamp, which wasn’t all that bad and I actually kind of enjoyed it. It’s ever slightly easier now (as compared to the first time I tried) running by headlamp. I’d still rather run during the day, but I’m at least vaguely comfortable running at night. The route itself is filled with mountain bikers and so stepping off to the side of the trail every so often is a bit of a nuisance, but it’s a multi-use trail and for the most part everyone is courteous enough to share. There’s also only a few really steep sections which meant I ran the majority of it and would feel like I was slacking if I walked those slightly inclined uphills. With that said, at the end of the day I had amassed 4100′ of vert which isn’t a lot, but isn’t too shabby for a lower foothills run either.

03/08/2015 – Sunday
3m, 0:53, ~1500′ – Chirico Trail, Tiger and 10m, 2:31, 1700′ – Cougar
A botched plan to meet up with friends, 60 degree weather, sun, blue skies, and a mid afternoon start meant slogging up one of the most crowded trails I’ve been on in a while. It’s to be expected, but it was fine. A change in plans two-thirds the way up and I quickly finished up the route to south Poo Poo Point launch and hightailed it back to the car to meet up for a run at Cougar.

With 1500′ of vert and 3 miles already on my legs, on top of the 26 miles not quite 18 hours earlier, I was a bit gassed, but we toughed out the next 10 miles slow and steady with ample hiking (it’s hiking, not walking, right? *Nodding head* Because hiking and walking are totally different. Totally.) Checked out Military Trail, which I’d never been on before from Red Town to Sky Country…and now I know why – it’s all uphill and not like yesterday’s gentle slope. Nope. This goes straight up a ridge and is unrelenting. (Sidebar history lesson: Military Trail is so named because it originally came about as a defensive road connecting the towns of Issaquah and Newcastle. It was also known as Goode’s Road as Postman Goode would take it to deliver mail. It was the road between Issaquah and Newcastle.) But now it’s been relegated as a hiking trail with the sole existing purpose to make the last mile of my combined 40 miles in two days a quad burner and an excuse to walk hike.

Weekly running miles: ~62.1
Weekly running time: 12:14
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:

Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 5 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 10 weeks
Mohican 100m: 15 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 24 weeks

Mount Rainier from south launch Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain.
Mount Rainier from south launch Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain.
I hope this is referring to dogs.
I hope this is referring to dogs.
Mount Rainier from the Seattle side of Lake Washington.
Mount Rainier from the Seattle side of Lake Washington.
Grand Ridge Trail. Issaquah Alps.
Grand Ridge Trail. Issaquah Alps.
Blooming Magnolia tree.
Blooming Magnolia tree.

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