03/16 – 03/22

03/16 – 03/22

03/16/2015 – Monday – Rest

03/17/2015 – Tuesday
4m, 0:34, ~550′ – CH
Nothing really to explain here. I ran fast (for me).

03/18/2015 – Wednesday
8m, 1:18 ~1200′ – CH and 45 min. indoor soccer.
Just the usual 6 mile extended loop. I can tell where my cardio is by how easy (or hard) it is to run up 36th Ave. E. and E. Denny Way. I either huff and puff really hard or I huff and puff only kind of hard.

03/19/2015 – Thursday
400x800x1200x1600x1200x800x400 w/400 recovery, 1:05, ~150′ – Seattle U. Track
Ben and Nick joined for the ladder speed workout. This is end of part one of the base speed shorter workouts. Starting next week all the intervals are longer and the recovery a bit longer. Not entirely sure yet whether this will be easier or harder.

03/20/2015 – Friday – Rest

03/21/2015 – Saturday
10.5m, 2:18, 1850′ – West Fawn Creek, Mazama
It’s straight up and straight down for the out and back with about half of it in the snow. In the winter the road is packed and groomed every day for skate skiing and classic cross country skiing so when spring rolls around the road is always the last to melt and this year is no different.

03/22/2015 – Sunday
8m, 1:39, ~800′ – Patterson Lake, Sun Mountain
Family run! We tried to go to Pipestone Canyon, but the snow was ever slightly too high for our little car and we didn’t feel like risking getting stuck, so we turned around and made our way to Sun Mountain and the incredibly lush cushy trails along Patterson Lake. Tucker and Valor were good through the first 5 miles and faded for the last 3, but still were troopers and toughed out the whole run. The entire 5 hour drive home was quiet as they were pooped to exhaustion.

Weekly running miles: ~39.3
Weekly running time: 6:54
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:

Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 3 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 8 weeks
Mohican 100m: 13 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 22 weeks

Spring in the North Cascades.
Spring in the North Cascades.
Spring snow run.
Spring snow run, well, kind of.
Snow Road. West Fawn Creek Road, Mazama.
Snow Road. West Fawn Creek Road, Mazama.
Family run. Technically on-leash, just off-hand.
Family run. Technically on-leash, just off-hand.
Patterson Lake, Sun Mountain.
Patterson Lake, Sun Mountain.

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