03/23 – 03/29

03/23 – 03/29

03/23/2015 – Monday – Rest

03/24/2015 – Tuesday
6m, 0:54, ~850′ – CH
Quick post work/pre-Sounders game run. There’s only hill between downtown and Lake Washington although it is 1.5 miles long and 400 feet tall.

03/25/2015 – Wednesday
12m, 2:03 ~1800′ – CH and 45 min. indoor soccer.
Woke up with a slight niggle in my left achilles, but didn’t think much of anything about it. Walked my usual mile to work and it wasn’t a problem. Sat at my desk all day and no problem. Walked home and no problem. Started my evening run and no problem. And then a mile into the run the niggle came back. Halfway in I could feel some tightness, but still didn’t really think too much of it. Finished out the run and it was definitely tight. Thought on my way to my indoor game that maybe it would stretch out and all would be fine, which it actually did and by the end of the night I wasn’t worried about it and it wasn’t as tight as it was halfway through the run.

03/26/2015 – Thursday
3m, 0:40, ~300′ – CH and curling
Woke up and the achilles was sore. On top of that my medial knee just under the patella was sore. Is there some link between the two or did one cause an overcompensation for the other? Limped to work a bit worried. Felt decent all day, but that’s easy to say when you’re behind a computer clicking a mouse button all day. Limped back home still a bit worried. Left for the Seattle U track for the planned 3 x 1 mile x 600 recovery workout and made it about half a mile and the pain was enough that I decided that I’d skip the workout and just finish the 3/4 family run for the remaining 2 miles. That lasted for about another mile when the pain got so bad that I decided to call it quits for the day. The only problem being that I still had to make it back, so I walked, frustrated and a bit worried, for the 2 miles back home.

03/27/2015 – Friday – Rest
Did some research and after thinking back there definitely was no “pop”, plus there is no swelling or bruising, so I ruled ruptured achilles out. Torn achilles? (Is that the same thing?) Mild tear? Dislocated? All plausible. Treatment: RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate. A few people at work and even Dad suggested I go get it checked out. I figure it hasn’t gotten any worse since yesterday, but then again it hasn’t gotten any better. If it’s worse tomorrow I’ll make an appointment. If it’s the same or better, I’ll wait it out. The all-knowing interweb says my options are RICE+ibuprofen or surgery+ibuprofen. Lets start simple before we skip ahead to the knife. 

03/28/2015 – Saturday – Planned Rest
The day was supposed to be 28 miles, but instead I slept in as late as I wanted/could and then just lounged around all day slightly worried, a bit frustrated to not being out for 6 hours tromping through the woods and a bit relieved to not being out for 6 hours tromping through the woods. The day wasn’t entirely lost though.  Made it out to the bar to watch the Sounders play FC Dallas, but considering they only managed to eke out a 0-0 tie playing a man up for almost an hour with both teams combining for zero shots on goal for the entire game, maybe my time would have been better spent doing more research on my injury? Achilles actually felt much better today. Could have probably ran for a bit, but better safe than sorry, this time, considering I have a 50 miler and a road marathon in two weeks and a 100 miler in 3 months.

03/29/2015 – Sunday
20m, 5:02, ~6700′ – Tiger
Achilles feels great. No pain. Medial knee pain is pretty much not there unless I apply decent pressure. Also, I’m itching to run, so I set off for Tiger Mountain aiming for 15 miles. I decided that I’d hike up all hills pretty much regardless of incline. For all but the very slightest of inclines I did just that, allowing myself to run flats and downhills. It’s a mountain though, so there are no flats, only uphills and downhills. There’s a decision point in the route that’s slowly becoming a defacto long run route for me at Tiger where I have to decide if I’m going to add a 4 mile, 1500′ vert out and back or not. Feeling good, I opted in (Sidebar op-ed: all decisions should be opt-in in my opinion.) This opt-in route takes you down a half mile to North Poo Poo Point (Sidebar #1: named not for #2, but for the sound the steam whistles used to make when signaling loggers who used to clear cut around the mountain) where on nice days paragliders and hang gliders take off (but not today) (Sidebar #2: This clear cut area is actually a result of past logging) and then down another 0.25 miles to South Poo Poo Point launch site which faces the opposite direction for when the wind is coming from the opposite direction where on nice days there is a postcard view of Mount Rainier (but not today) and then down the 1.5 miles on the Chirico Trail (Sidebar #3: No idea how it got it’s name). Touch the trailhead signpost, turn 180 degrees and slog your way back to the top. From there it’s 3 miles directly back to the parking lot or you can meander your way back up and down the mountain if you are a glutton for punishment (which apparently I am.)

No idea what was up with my achilles and knee, but it’s magically not there now. No pain (in the achilles and knee) whatsoever. Weird. Will see how I feel tomorrow though before making too rash of a “injury gone” proclamation.

Ended up with about 20 miles less and a few thousand feet less of vert than I was planning, but to not have a lingering injury I’ll take what I can get.

Weekly running miles: ~41.3
Weekly running time: 8:40
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
Zumbro 50m/St Louis road marathon: 2 weeks
Sun Mountain 50k: 7 weeks
Mohican 100m: 12 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 21 weeks

Confidence streamers line the "trail" at Tiger 1.
Confidence streamers line the “trail” at Tiger 1.
North Poo Poo Point launch site can be seen from I-90 way down there as you pass through Issaquah.
North Poo Poo Point launch site can be seen from I-90 way down there as you pass through Issaquah.
The Chirico Trail, Tiger Mountain.
The Chirico Trail, Tiger Mountain.
South Poo Poo Point launch site. Mt Rainier would be on the left towering above the horizon if it were a clear day. Actually it still is. You just can't see it.
South Poo Poo Point launch site. Mt Rainier would be on the left towering above the horizon if it were a clear day. Actually it still is. You just can’t see it.
Sounders 2 - Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente 2
Sounders 2 – Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente 2

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