GO! St Louis road Marathon – Preview

The GO! St Louis road Marathon is my third event of the year and takes place this coming Sunday morning (04/12/2015) in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The course is essentially four out and backs run entirely on road, crossing the Mississippi River for a few brief miles in Illinois before crossing back into and finishing in Missouri.

This is a part of a bigger race weekend as I’m flying into St Louis on Thursday to meet up with a friend, we’re driving 8 hours north to Minnesota for the Zumbro “Midnight” 50 on Friday night/Saturday morning, hopefully finishing up the race around noon, driving 8 hours back to St Louis by Saturday night, (hopefully) running the Go! St Louis road Marathon on Sunday morning, then flying back to Seattle on Monday. Typing that out now seems a little crazy, but it’s all a part of my grand master plan for Mohican 100 in two months and Squamish 50m/50k weekend in four months.

“St. Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau and named after Louis IX of France. Claimed first by the French, who settled mostly east of the Mississippi River, the region in which the city stands was ceded to Spain following France’s defeat in the Seven Years’ War. Its territory east of the Mississippi was ceded to Great Britain, the victor. The area of present-day Missouri was part of Spanish Louisiana from 1762 until 1802.

After the United States acquired this territory in the Louisiana Purchase, St. Louis developed as a major port on the Mississippi River. In the late 19th century, St. Louis was ranked as the fourth-largest city in the United States. It separated from St. Louis County in 1877, becoming an independent city and limiting its political boundaries. In 1904, it hosted the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the Summer Olympics. The city’s population peaked in 1950; with restructuring of heavy industry and loss of jobs, plus postwar suburbanization, it began a long decline that continued into the 21st century. Immigration has increased, and the city is the center of the largest Bosnian population in the world outside their homeland.” Excerpt from Wikipedia (because of course everything crowd sourced on the internet can only be true.)

My goals for this race:
1. Make it to the Start Line. I’m just riding (thanks for driving Jerod’s parents!), but I’ll be coming from Southeastern Minnesota the day before and will have (hopefully) just run a 50 mile trail race. Just making it to the Start Line will be no small feat.
2. Stay uninjured. This will most definitely be a ‘recovery/strength’ run. There’s also that 100 miler coming up in 2 months.
3. Make it to the Finish Line. (Hopefully) it will be 76.2 miles in just over 30 hours. That’s the plan Stan.
4. Thank the volunteers for volunteering and Jerod’s parents!

Go! St Louis road Marathon hosted by GO! St Louis Fitness.

TT50 - Go St Louis-Landing-Page2

Race Entrants:
No idea how many or where they are all from, but the website does say they will accept up to 3,000 participants for the marathon, 12,000 for the half marathon and 650 four-person teams (2,400 total) for the marathon relay.

Course Map and Elevation Profile (From Race website):
2015 course map_36x24TT50 - 2015-Go St Louis-Marathon-Elevation

Video Preview (by GO! St Louis Fitness):

Race Description (from Race website):
“The GO! St. Louis Marathon, formerly the Spirit of St. Louis Marathon debuted in October 2000. It was changed from an October race to an April race in 2003. The marathon course starts and finishes in the historic St. Louis downtown area. As you begin the race, participants head east toward the impressive Gateway Arch, before turning and heading towards the Eads Bridge and the Mighty Mississippi River. The course also traverses over the MLK Bridge and take runners into Illinois, before heading back to St. Louis. The marathon course includes views of Union Station, City Garden, Forest Park (larger than New York’s Central Park) and Washington University.”

Race Results:
Live real-time results here.

Runner Update Text Alerts – Live Results:
“Family and friends can track their favorite runners by signing up for runner updates. Text message updates will be sent to people, who have requested to be notified. Sign up for runner updates here.

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