04/20 – 04/26

04/20 – 04/26

04/20/2015 – Monday – Rest

04/21/2015 – Tuesday
10m, 1:32, ~500′ – CH
Joined up with Mark for an easy run that turned a bit longer than we planned. Like last week’s run with Andy, we solved the world’s problems mile by mile, though this time in the rain and cold. I hate waiting at traffic lights so we wound our way through the path of least resistance, hence the extra mileage.

04/22/2015 – Wednesday
12m, 1:46, ~2100′ – Sage Hill, Wenatchee, WA
Asked around my Strava friends about the best short easy route to run on my quick morning stop through in Wenatchee and hands down the winner was Sage Hill and I can see why. Holy wildflowers Batman! The sunflowers are out in full bloom and full force right now and Sage Hill cuts right through the heart of them. I had scheduled myself for a shorter easier take my time kind of run, but as soon as I hopped on the buttery single track I knew I was in for a ride. It was impossibly to not run fast and not run far on that trail. I wanted to see more. It’s also impossible to find an easy route in Wenatchee. That place is basically surrounded by 2000’+ hills to the west and a river to the east, so unless you plan on running in the river (why?) or you’re running roads (why?) then be prepared to have your mind blown by amazing trails. This area is a definite must come back to on my list of places to run. Also, why is there not a more prominent trail race in Wenatchee. Trail Race Directors – you need to fix this!

04/23/2015 – Thursday
11m, 1:58, ~1600′ – Echo Valley, Lake Chelan, WA
A full long day of sitting behind a table and attentively listening to seminar after seminar about the The Life Safety Code left me itching to get out and run. Having done my homework, I knew Evergreen Trail Runs puts on a race in late May at Echo Valley, so I did what any studious trail runner does when they’re out and about up in the mountains, I printed off the course map and went for a little rec run. It’s a ski area in the winter, a mountain bike and trail running area in the summer and somewhere in the shoulder season a hunting area as well. It’s not monstrous steep like you would expect a ski area to be. It’s also not narrow (remember it’s a ski area) and single tracked although there is definitely a ‘single track’ where mountain bikes have worn in the trail. Have mixed feelings about runs on mountains that double as ski slopes in the winter. It’s convenient, but not entirely the natural wilderness that I’ve become accustomed to spoiling myself with. The race is not on my bucket list, although it being an Evergreen Trail Run, I’m sure it’s wonderfully supported, incredibly well run and marked and would make for a great weekend up in the mountains. Just not for me.

04/24/2015 – Friday – Rest

04/25/2015 – Saturday
31m, 7:13, ~8550′  – Cougar-Squak
The training plan (I put together – drat) called for a 30 mile run today, so I went out for a planned 30 mile run, except that I got lost on my way back and added a few extra miles on to the end of my run. Didn’t plan on any set goal for vert, but had a general sense of what I was getting myself into. I knew it would be more than 5,000, but wasn’t entirely how much more. I probably could have stopped (wanted to stop?) around mile 20, but that was still 10 miles from my car. When you’re linking up two mountains on more or less an out and back and you’re still a long ways from where you started, you have no choice but to run the rest of that long ways regardless of what you feel like doing. Thankfully, Andy was able to meet me on my return leg just as he was starting his afternoon run and provided my with a much needed resupply of water and renewed spirit. This run was hard mentally.

04/26/2015 – Sunday
15m, 2:47, ~2200′ – CH and Sounders Game!
I did not want to run at all today. I could have skipped this run entirely and been completely fine with that, but the training plan called for it (stupid plan made by that stupid person) so I did it. Although I probably should have called it quits about half way through as I’m pretty sure I walked about a third of the run. My legs were trashed form yesterday. And my mind just was not there today. I even tried to get 6 different friends to come out and run even just a little with me, but they all had other plans. Same as yesterday, if you’re halfway out of an out and back, there’s only one way home, and if you have to cover that distance anyway, you might as well run walk it back. The evening was filled with watching the Sounders beat Portland (again!) Honestly it was not a very entertaining game albeit the 77′ when Dempsey scored! Sounders 1 – Draw City 0.

Weekly running miles: ~79.4
Weekly running time: 15:15
Weekly running vertical gain:

Hey there springtime Wenatchee trails! You're secret is safe with me. #WhatHappensOnTheTrailStaysOnTheTrail #Shhhhhhhhhhh #SageHill #IWontTellIfYouDontTell
Hey there springtime Wenatchee trails! You’re secret is safe with me. #WhatHappensOnTheTrailStaysOnTheTrail #Shhhhhhhhhhh #SageHill #IWontTellIfYouDontTell
Sunset overLake Chelan, Washington.
Sunset overLake Chelan, Washington.
213,000+ miles, 10 cross country road trips and still running (kind of strong).
213,000+ miles, 10 cross country road trips and still running (kind of strong).
Good thing I was going the other way. #ThoseArentTracksFromMyFeet #WhereTheresABabyTheresAMama #KeepOnMoving
Good thing I was going the other way. #ThoseArentTracksFromMyFeet #WhereTheresABabyTheresAMama #KeepOnMoving
Yeah. I ran up that. #ItsAllDownhillFromHere
Yeah. I ran up that. #ItsAllDownhillFromHere
Reminder. It's always winter somewhere. And this somewhere is Snoqualmie Pass. 60 mins from Seattle.
. It’s always winter somewhere. And this somewhere is late April at Snoqualmie Pass. 60 mins from Seattle.
No. I'm not lost. Thanks for asking. #SquakMountain #IssaquahAlps #AndMilesToGoBeforeIEat #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome #17MilesDown15ToGo
No. I’m not lost. Thanks for asking. #SquakMountain #IssaquahAlps #AndMilesToGoBeforeIEat #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome #17MilesDown15ToGo
Sounders 1 - Portland 0. Dempsey (77')
Sounders 1 – Portland 0. Dempsey (77′)

Event Countdown:
Sun Mountain 50k: 3 weeks
Mohican 100m: 8 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 17 weeks

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