05/04 – 05/10

05/04 – 05/10

05/04/2015 – Monday – Rest

05/05/2015 – Tuesday – Rest
Continuing to not run. Continuing to wonder what this will mean for how prepared (or unprepared) I will be for Mohican.

05/06/2015 – Wednesday – Rest
Not running because of an injury is the same as resting, right? I did though get some new shoes (yay, Altra Olympus 1.0!) and a replacement bladder for the one that busted on me about a quarter mile into a long run.

05/07/2015 – Thursday – Doctor’s Appointment
The doctor confirmed what I thought that it’s most likely a hairline stress fracture in my 4th and/or my 3rd metatarsal. There’s not really much you can do except rest. Most stress fractures do not show up on x-rays until they’ve started to mend, unless you go all crazy and get a shot in your foot and then get an x-ray, but even if you do do that and you find out it is a stress fracture, there’s still not much you can do except for rest. Breaks, fractures, compound fractures and impacted fractures can all be casted, but hairline fractures, at least to the severity that I have, there’s just rest, ice, and pain management (ibuprofen), which I’ve been doing. I got my referral to go see the physical therapist that I wanted to see which is really the only reason I went to the doctor in the first place (thanks Doc!) The foot is so much better than it was last week and I can gingerly do the ‘hop test’, but there’s still a bit of residual pain if I put too much pressure on it. “Take three ibuprofens 3 times a day and don’t run for the next two weeks, even though with all this nice weather I know you’re going to want to go out.”

05/08/2015 – Friday – Rest

05/09/2015 – Saturday – Rest
Well, I’m not running for the second straight Saturday.

05/10/2015 – Sunday – Rest
I could go run. My foot feels good. Can hop without pain, as long I keep I don’t jump too high. Sun Mountain 50k is in a week and I really want to run it, so I might see what I’m capable of tomorrow. Maybe.

Weekly running miles: Exactly 0.0
Weekly running time: Exactly 0:00
Weekly running vertical gain:
 Exactly 0′

A runner's Christmas. You'll Run your legs off.
A runner’s Christmas. You’ll Run your legs off.

Event Countdown:
Sun Mountain 50k: 1 weeks
Mohican 100m: 6 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 15 weeks

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