05/11 – 05/17

05/11 – 05/17

05/11/2015 – Monday
5m, 0:54, ~400′ – CH
So, it hasn’t been 2 weeks of no running like the doctor said (sorry doc), but it’s almost been two weeks since I last ran. Actually 12 days. But I thought I’d take my feet out for a little spin and see how they feel and see if Sun Mountain 50k this weekend is even going to be a possibility. We went for a usual 5 mile route at an easy pace and I focused on not landing awkwardly and probably micro-over-analysing every little possible tweak and soreness. Besides feeling a bit out of shape from not running in two weeks, I think I’m going to give the race a shot on Saturday.

05/12/2015 – Tuesday – Rest
Trying not to push my luck, so I think I’ll just play it cool until race day.

05/13/2015 – Wednesday – Rest
Well, maybe I should have gone for a short run. Or, I could just consider this a taper?

05/14/2015 – Thursday – Rest
Yes, this is a taper.

05/15/2015 – Friday – Travel Day
What a long travel day. Left work a bit early to try to beat the rush hour traffic. K had already left earlier in the morning taking Tucker and Valor to Mazama. I had some work to finish up, so the plan was for me to drive separately. Well that plan quickly disintegrated. Got home, quickly packed, then went to where my car should have been and it wasn’t there. Yeah, my car was stolen. After walking around the neighborhood searching for where I might have parked (it’s not completely out of the question, I’ve forgot where I’ve parked before) I realized that it was in fact not ‘misplaced’, but stolen. Filed a police report and then while waiting for the police to come, tried to figure out how I was going to get to Mazama. Called numerous friends and explored a multitude of options and in the end, caught the Amtrak up to Mount Vernon, then hitched a ride with Andrew, arriving around midnight. Thankfully the race doesn’t start until 10am tomorrow.

05/16/2015 – Saturday
Sun Mountain 50k – Sun Mountain, North Cascades
Not really to my surprise, but kind of, I finished! Running one 5 mile run for the two weeks before a race is probably not what I would recommend for a taper plan, but through almost necessity that’s what I did. Not sure if was the blistering hot weather, the lack of any running, the 1500′ climb in the last couple of miles of the race or if it was just because it’s a Rainshadow Running race, but I found myself with a little bout of cramping (again). Not nearly as bad as Yakima 50k last year, but enough to slow me down considerably. Was really just happy to finish and even though I told myself to take it easy, I found myself pushing harder than I probably should have. I’m amazed by people who run races and have the diligence to hold back for an entire race. We finished up the evening listening to our favorite Olympia based bluegrass band,  The Pine Hearts, play a live set at the Twisp River Pub with good friends.

05/17/2015 – Sunday – Rest
We went and saw Andy off to the start of the Sun Mountain 25k, then relaxing at the Sun Mountain Lodge before trekking back down the hill to see him cross the finish line and get the classic finish line James Varner high five. The weather was the complete opposite as yesterday, being 20 degrees colder, overcast, and wet. Another great North Cascade weekend!

Weekly running miles: ~34.1
Weekly running time: 6:37
Weekly running vertical gain:

Everett sunset from coach on the Amtrak.
Everett sunset from coach on the Amtrak.
Sun Mountain sunflowers galore.
Sun Mountain sunflowers galore.
Run Andy Run!
Run Andy Run!
Andy finishes the Sun Mountain 25k.
Andy finishes the Sun Mountain 25k.

Event Countdown:
Mohican 100m: 5 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 14 weeks

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