05/18 – 05/24

05/18 – 05/24

05/18/2015 – Monday – Rest

05/19/2015 – Tuesday
9m, 1:25, ~1300′ – CH
Still no pain in my left foot which is a good great! So good in fact that I ran probably more than I should have.

05/20/2015 – Wednesday
12m, 1:52, ~1400′ – CH
I’ve felt so great and the weather has so nice that I just want to go out and run. Not running of the past two weeks, then having the opportunity to start, run, and finish the 50k, combined with the incredible weather is making running irresistible, which considering there’s only a few weeks left until Mohican, cannot come at a better time.

05/21/2015 – Thursday – Rest
8m, 1:23, ~700′ – CH
and PT appointment
Met up with Mark and we found our way towards the semi-big body of water, Lake Washington. Once or twice a week I’ll send out texts to a few of my friends who run to see if they want to meet up to run and try to give a general mileage and pace that I’m planning to run. It’s almost always pretty lax and I end up having a conversation for the entirety of the run with whoever joins. Earlier in the day I finally got to go see the Physical Therapist I’ve been wanting to see. First of all, she’s fantastic! She’s an endurance runner as well so she “get’s it.” Runners who go out and run 30 miles on a weekend followed by 20 miles the next day for 12+ hours by themselves in the middle of the woods don’t always get to have normal conversations with others. This PT though is also one of those runners, so when I tell her I have a 100 mile race in 5 weeks, she doesn’t flinch. This is normal. I told her that since my foot seems to be fine, there were a few things that I specifically wanted her help with: 1. Recovery plan after Mohican. 2. Referrals to doctors or specialists who don’t think running 50 or 100 miles is crazy. 3. Training/strength plan for mountain endurance races. 3. How to mitigate or prevent further injuries to my feet. 4. Strength plan for injury prevention, specifically with hip flexors on down through my lower extremities, IT band, achilles, plantar, etc.

05/22/2015 – Friday – Rest

05/23/2015 – Saturday
6m, 2:08, 2100′ – Tiger
Family hike from Tradition Plateau Trailhead, to the Bus Trail, up Nook, left at Talus, connecting up to Tiger #3, then a little jog back down West Tiger #3 trail. There were surprisingly not a lot of people out on the trails, so Valor and Tucker were able to go off leash, and by off leash I of course mean their leashes were still on, we just weren’t holding the leashes, but because we were running and they’re terrier-ists they are just fine chasing me. Family runs work out well, I get to lead, the boys get to chase, and Kate brings up the rear making sure no one gets left behind.

05/24/2015 – Sunday
19m, 4:20, ~5000′ – Cougar
Decided I would check out some of the lesser traveled (for me) trails on Cougar East, willing to make out and backs all the way down to trailheads just to see where they go. Found myself exploring some of the Talus trails to trailheads where there really is no parking lot and there’s space really for just one or two cars. The down side to these trails at this time of year is the overgrowth of the mostly single track which honestly wouldn’t really be that bad except that it seems that only plant life overgrowing are stinging nettles. And even that wouldn’t really be all that bad, except that I run into every single one of them. And even that wouldn’t be really all that bad, except that the effects of stinging nettles makes me itch for weeks afterwards.

Weekly running miles: ~54.5
Weekly running time: 11:07
Weekly running vertical gain:

Good morning beautiful Port Townsend!
Good morning beautiful Port Townsend!
The Walla Walla ferry from Edmonds to Kingston
The Walla Walla ferry from Edmonds to Kingston
Tiddlywink for giants. Otherwise known as the trail from Talus to Cougar Mountain.
Tiddlywink for giants. Otherwise known as the trail from Talus to Cougar Mountain.

Event Countdown:
Mohican 100m: 4 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 13 weeks

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