06/01 – 06/07

06/01 – 06/07

06/01/2015 – Monday – Rest

06/02/2015 – Tuesday
6m, 0:56, ~1000′ – CH
It’s a normal mind clearing loop.

06/03/2015 – Wednesday
11m, 1:40, ~700′ – Lake Union
Took a detour from Lake Union up the east side of Queen Anne and around the top exploring roads I’d never seen before making my way down the back side and to the Burke Gilman and completing the Lake Union loop. There’s lots of really nice houses that I’ll never be able to afford in neighborhoods I’ll never be able to live in. How disappointing.

06/04/2015 – Thursday
PT appointment
My third straight week to the Physical Therapist. Week one was assessment. Week two was analysis. This week was targeted strength exercises. We focused on firing my glutes, which contrary to how it sounds is not a euphemism for farting or pooping. Turns out in trying to get my cadence higher, I’ve neglected to fully use the biggest muscle I have, my butt. It’s big. And I don’t use it. So we worked on ‘paw backs’, extended forward pushing lunges, and hop squat lunges to try to ingrain in my muscle memory pushing forward and ‘finishing’ my stride. Instead of pushing up, if I lean forward, I’ll push out or forward, which will both use the biggest muscle I have to it’s fullest extent, also propelling me or pushing me forward instead of using my hip flexors which are far far far smaller to pull me forward. When I walk I’ll have plenty of opportunity to use my hip flexors, so let’s try to save them as much as possible. Sounds easy. Seems easy. But I can already feel the targeted workout so much that I am skipping my run. Sore. This soreness better go away before Mohican.

06/05/2015 – Friday – Rest
Yup. My gluteus maximus is still sore.

06/06/2015 – Saturday
12m, 3:37, 3400′ – Tiger
We took an extended loop which is an offshoot and slightly shorter version of my usual Tiger loop, but this one had a very long sustained steep hike up right in the middle of the run that put us up at Tiger 1. We hiked pretty much all uphill. This would be good training for Squamish later in the year, but probably less so I’m guessing for Mohican. Still, a great run with my most favorite person in the world.

06/06/2015 – Sunday
10m, 3:09, ~2000′ – Cougar
It was a three-quarter family run with Valor and Tucker playing chase for 10 miles. K did her own run and the boys went for a fast hike. I took the opportunity to work on my  hiking again and the dogs were content to chase behind on single track. I promised we’d stop at streams and waterfalls and I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason they didn’t just stop and lie down mid trail halfway through the run.

Weekly running miles: ~39.5
Weekly running time: 9:27
Weekly running vertical gain:

The Mountain is Out today.
The Mountain is Out today.
Cougar Mountain.
Cougar Mountain.
Follow the leader!
Follow the leader!

Event Countdown:
Mohican 100m: 2 weeks
Squamish 50/50: 11 weeks

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