Training Week: 01/16/17 – 01/22/17

01/16/2017 – 01/22/2017
I’m going to try posting my weekly training recaps again. The posts take more time to construct than they should, so the format or content will probably change to streamline the process. So far the format is the same as it has been in the past, except for a Call for Comments which has been added at the bottom. We all have something to share and learn.

I hope you’ll indulge my curiosity and share your experiences and feedback!

Monday – Capitol Hill
5m, 0:58, 400′
Easy family run.

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
3.5m, 0:32, ~300′ and 2:30 Bouldering at Seattle Bouldering Project
So. Much. Rain. for the run to my weekly bouldering session with Travis (and Drew!) 

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – South Lake Union
7m, 1:15, 300′ and 2:00 Curling
Nate, Mike, and I weaved our way through South Lake Union before making a pit stop at Nickerson Street Saloon to rehydrate and leaving Nate to fend for himself on his way home. Jeff, Mark and I played with only three (again) for the curling late draw and lost (again) for what seems to be the status quo this year for us.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Tiger Mountain
10.5m, 2:36, 3300′
Mike and I hit The Chirico Trail on the west side of Tiger Mountain before sunup, and saw the sunrise from Poo Poo Point. We looped around touching T2 and T3 before high tailing it back to Seattle.

Sunday – Treadmill
7m, 1:02, 0′ and 0:30 of Sauna Heat Training
First time in a sauna in a really long time. I sat and sweated. It’s uncomfortable. The thermometer read between 175-195 degrees. This better help at some point. Afterwards I hopped on the treadmill. First time also on a treadmill in really long time. And it was equally uncomfortable.

Weekly running miles: 33.5
Weekly running time: 6:25
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon: 5 weeks
• Yakima 50k: 13 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 14 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 21 weeks

Tiger Mountain Sunrise
Tiger Mountain Sunrise
Snow capped Cascade Mountains
Snow capped Cascade Mountains
The Chirico Trail at Tiger Mountain.
The Chirico Trail at Tiger Mountain.

Call for Comments:
• Do you keep an online or a pen and paper training journal?
• What data and stats do you track for your training?
• How does the journal, data, and stats help your training?
• What suggestions do you have to make this weekly recap more useful or interesting?


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