Training Week: 01/23/17 – 01/29/17

01/23/2017 – 01/29/2017
Easing into this training cycle has been both a chore and something I’m looking forward to. I have not really felt like running at all this week, so I tried my best to run to get others to run with me for as many runs as possible. At the same time, I’m really enjoying running. Although a 14 mile run still seems (and feels) ridiculously far to me right now. I find training to be as much physical as it is mental. Apparently I have a long ways still to go for both.

Questions to you:
• Do you incorporate speed workouts into your training?
• What is your favorite speed workout?
• Do you heat train? How does it affect your workouts?

Monday – Capitol Hill
4m, 0:42, 200′ and 0:30 of Sauna Heat Training
Waterfront with Nate before peeling off and making my back through a tour of Seattle Center, the Space Needle, and the Monorail. Ran without a running vest and my contacts. Almost like I’ve never run before. The sauna takes an hour to heat up and even then I’m not sure it’s quite really at the temperature that the wall thermometer says it is. Still, it’s better than no time in the sauna.

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
1.5m, 0:14, ~100′ and 2:30 Bouldering at Seattle Bouldering Project
The most direct route to SBP. Crushed a few problems with Travis, Drew, and Hays that I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
9m, 1:28, 1100′ and 0:33 of Sauna Heat Training
Mike and I found the answer to all of life’s mysteries, sifted through the vulgarities, crashed a Seattle Running Club hill repeat workout, passed one of my litmus run, and in true “running with Jay” fashion turned a “6-8 mile run” into 9.35 miles. We’ll probably do it again. Afterwards I jumped in the sauna, partly to keep up this whole heat training thing and partly to warm up. Yeah, it gets hot in there.

Thursday – Seattle University Track
4.5m, 0:51, 200′ and 2:00 Curling
Kate and I improvised a speed workout. I sucked (wind). Running fast is hard. My lungs hurt. My legs hurt. I ran around that stupid track 8 flippin’ times. I may do it again next week. Shoot me now.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Cougar Mountain
10.5m, 2:36, 3300′
An early start to the day, Noah and I toured around while Kate ran with her running club. This was Noah’s longest run ever and as with anyone who has ever run the farthest distance they’ve ever run, he made it through, struggling at times, on point at times, and happy to be done when we were done. Me? I was just happy to play tour guide and show the young gun there’s still hope in 12 years when he’s my age.

In the afternoon Kate and I stopped by our favorite local running store, Seven Hills Running Shop, (twitter: @7HillsRunShop) (instagram: @SevenHillsRunning) to pick up a few more kicks. As it always happen, we always leave with good conversation from Phil Kochik, the store owner, good stories from everyone who works there – we seem to always run into Adam Lint, good vibes, and far more than what we always intend to get. This time we managed to talk ourselves into a Tribute to the Trails 2017 calendar, some shorts, and my favorite Huma gels.

Sunday – Tiger Mountain
12m, 2:41, 3400′ and 0:30 of Sauna Heat Training
My legs were sore, but Mike and I slogged up the start of my usual Tiger loop. I walked most of it and Mike didn’t. (Nothing new there.) There’s still snow up on Tiger 1, but it’s old and crusty, packed down and vaguely icy. Bagged T1, T2, and T3, before bombing down T3 Trail, snaking a left at Talus where my first cramping of 2017 caught up to me and reduced me to sitting on a rock, sucking down what water I had left and searching for any type of calories I had. Was not dehydrated, so maybe it’s a not enough (or too much in one weekend?) vert in my training at this moment in my training?

Weekly running miles: 45.6
Weekly running time: 8:41
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon: 4 weeks
• Yakima 50k: 12 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 13 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 20 weeks

Olympic Mountain sunset
Olympic Mountain sunset
Space Needle
Space Needle
Hangboard ladder training
Hangboard ladder training. Photo by @AABaber (Instagram)
Happy Birthday Holly!
Happy Birthday Holly!
14 mile run through Coal Creek Falls. Photo by @NoahZG (Instagram)
14 mile run through Coal Creek Falls. Photo by @NoahZG (Instagram)
This view of Mt Rainier never ceases to amaze me.
This view of Mt Rainier never ceases to amaze me.

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