Training Week: 01/30/17 – 02/05/17

01/30/2017 – 02/05/2017
This training week had a little bit of everything – rain, sunshine, snow, fartleks, long runs, friends, lunch runs and even a few firsts (for a friend). Set out this week with no real goal, other than to hit my mileage, but by my last run on Sunday, I had decided my weekly goal would be 50 miles and 10,000 feet of vert. I’ve made training plans in the past which incorporate dedicated hill workouts and prescribed speed workouts and they’re great, but I’ve also teetered just on that fine line of injury and peak fitness, more often than not crashing over to the injury side of the line. For this Bighorn 100 training cycle my core training plan consists of only hitting mileage (four week training blocks of three increasingly progressive weeks followed by one recovery week), maxing out vert (rough weekly goal of 10,000+ feet), and continuing to have fun while doing it all. It’s not much to ask for and yet I know from past experiences it will take perseverance to make it all the way to the end in one piece, both physically and mentally.

It’s 130 days until Bighorn…

Questions to you:
• What is your favorite hill workout?
• How is your training plan structured?
• What is your “A” race this year?

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
5m, 0:41, 400′ and 2:15 Bouldering
Took the long(er) way to the Seattle Bouldering Project knowing that I probably wouldn’t run home, so I needed to get my ‘minimum 4 miles’ in, all in one shot. I find anytime I hit a traffic light, I end up just turning and running a different direction to get to where I need to be. On one hand I end up seeing streets I probably would never see. On the other hand, I usually end up running longer than intended. Bouldering at SBP is my version of cross training, both physically and mentally. Travis seems to like (and excel) on problems which are not my strength which is great for making a more well rounded climber. Drew has recently started joining us (making a 1+ hour drive down from Mount Vernon!) and he never flinches while throwing himself at any route, easy or hard, doable or not. It’s nice to be reminded if you never try, there’s absolutely no possible way you can ever succeed. 

Wednesday – South Lake Union Loop
9m, 1:24, 500′
Last year Nate and I settled into a nice little midweek long run routine where two of three things would happen: we would get a little happy hour snack and cold tasty beverage, we would run from work to his place, or we would walk to my place and then run to his place. Almost without fail one of those was a constant. Everyone needs to hydrate. Nate’s place is just so conveniently located about hallway between (in a non-linear route) from work to my place, so running to his place always secures a 8+ mile route for me once I turn around and head back to my place.

Thursday – Seattle Waterfront and Seattle Granite Curling Club
5m, 0:43, 300′ and 1:30 Curling
My first lunch run of the year. It was sunny out. I actually remembered to bring my running gear. And I actually carved out enough time in my schedule to make it happen. I ran fast(ish). It was really nice to actually run not in the dark. Summer can’t come fast enough. At curling later in the evening we all threw stones well and I skipped a decent game and we managed to beat a team that is arguably (according to the standings) better than us. A good way to cap off the day. 

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Cougar Mountain and Squak Mountain
19.5m, 4:22, 5400′
The weather was horrible. It rained the entire four and half hours and it was cold. Thankfully I had some good company and Noah was able to run the farthest he’s ever run, road or trails. We contemplated smaller loops so we’d have some flexibility to stop back by the car if need be, but me being me and somehow never opting for the easy route, I picked a lollipop route to put us way our far away, meaning there would be no bail out option. We hightailed it as direct as possible out of Cougar to Squak Mountain, my least favorite. It’s direct, it’s somehow confusing for me (I always seem to get lost even though it’s trail system is one of the smaller ones) and it never seems to open up and offer those panoramic views. I call it the working person’s mountain, because you don’t go there to sightsee. If you’re running there, you’re there for business and with a purpose. Today was no different. We managed to get lost (shocking I know) and tacked on an additional 1.5 more miles than intended. The upside was we maxed out vert pretty well which will hopefully serve both of us (Noah is also signed up for Yakima 50k, his first!) well in 11 weeks.

Sunday – Tiger Mountain
12m, 3:20, 3700′
Molly, Nate, Kate, and I all hiked up the well worn path of T3 marveling at the change from drizzle to distinct snowline and then outright snow by the time we hit the summit of Tiger 3. It was a slow start but probably for the best for my legs. Molly and Kate made the return trip down T3 and Nate and I continued doing a backwards loop of my usual Tiger loop. The snow thickened, turning from fine wispy flakes to hearty quarter sized globlets piling ever higher. As we moved farther away, the footsteps in the snow became sparser until finally there was only us, silence, and a whisper of an untrodden trail that I know only from running it many times in reverse. We plowed through ankle high powder bouncing as if in backcountry on a snowboard postholing every now and then and stopping only to take photos of the wonderous beauty of the freshly fallen snow. I hit both my goals in miles and vert for the day and for the week, returning home with tired legs but a continued fresh spirit to hit the trails. This was a good weekend of back to backs.

Weekly running miles: 50.7
Weekly running time: 10:29
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon: 3 weeks
• Yakima 50k: 11 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 12 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 19 weeks

Even shoes need a place to call Home.
Even shoes need a place to call Home.
Seattle Bouldering Project
Seattle Bouldering Project
"Eagle" - Alexander Calder. 1971. Space Needle - John Graham. World's Fair. 1962.
“Eagle” – Alexander Calder. 1971.
Space Needle – John Graham. World’s Fair. 1962.
Seattle Granite Curling Club. Sheet 5. Red Rock 2.
Seattle Granite Curling Club. Sheet 5. Red Rock 2.
Somehow I got lost on singletrack. Picture Credit: Noah Goldsmith
Somehow I got lost on singletrack. Picture Credit: Noah Goldsmith
Bring the snow!
Bring the snow!
See the forest for the trees.
See the forest for the trees.

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