Training Week: 02/06/17 – 02/12/17

02/06/2017 – 02/12/2017
This was supposed to be a down week, but my schedule got a bit mixed up with some work commitments, so I flipped this week (easy/low mileage) with next week (hard/high mileage). I may or may not have overdid it this week. Not enough rest and too many continuous hard weeks has me worried about my left achilles again. On the schedule was to be Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon in two weeks, but I find myself on the way to Texas that week ya’ll, so instead of high tailing it back to the Pacific Northwest to try to make the race, I decided I’d extend my trip and in true ultra running fashion, signed up for not one marathon, but two marathons, back to back, in two different states. The plan is to take them both easy as training race runs, finish them and check off two more states on my list of marathon or more. These will hopefully be states number 10 and 11 for me. But for now before I get too far ahead of myself, I’m going to try to nurse myself back to health.

Questions to you:
• Have you ever run back to back races?
• How many states have you ran a marathon or more in?
• Have you ever had an injured achilles? What did you do to help it heal?

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Capitol Hill and Seattle Bouldering Project
8m, 1:19, 1200′ and 1:30 Bouldering
This was my birthday and I celebrated by going on a little run, catching the sun set, then meeting up with my closest of friends for a little bouldering session before making my way downstairs to The West Wall to keep hydrated. I have the best friends. Sorry, there’s no debate. I am so lucky, so grateful, and so humbled to be able to call them more than just friends. They are my extended family!  

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
6m, 0:56, 950′
It was cold, dark, raining, and I had not called anyone to go for a run with me. I seriously did not want to go out and contemplated how I would convince myself that it was a bad idea to go for a run. Begrudgingly I found my running clothes, procrastinated putting them on. I dredged up a pair of running shoes and tied my laces, then retied my laces hoping that maybe they’d break or I would tie them too tight. I put my watch out on the balcony to connect to satellites and hoped it would fall off the balcony guardrail. It did not. I thought maybe my vest would be too wet to put on. I had unfortunately set it out to dry the night before. I had to go. But before I stepped out the door I told myself, just one mile. At one mile I told myself, fine, do the three mile loop. At three miles, I said, F-it, might as well finish out my normal six mile Capitol Hill loop. I’m happy I’m not as smart as myself, otherwise I would have sat at home on the couch watching some crap television program.

Thursday – Capitol Hill and Seattle Granite Curling Club
2m, 0:20, 200′ and 1:30 Curling
Cut this planned four mile run short when Kate and Drew told me they were going for ramen. I have no willpower. I cannot not have ramen. But I still needed to get a few miles in, so I ran fast-ish, minus having to wait at all the traffic lights and made it back in time to eat that oh so fantastically porky salty delicious bowl of ramen. I even ordered extra noodles because how can you I not? Afterwards I went to my normal Thursday Night Men’s League for curling and for the most part we all played decently. I called a slightly better than average game, but didn’t hit my last throws at every end. On the plus side we came in second for the game…out of two teams.

Friday – Rest and The Hard Way
About a year ago I gave some money to a Seed and Spark filmmaker so they could make a documentary about an 89 year old trail runner named Bob Hayes who lives in Montana. It’s been making the rounds, touring the country, being shown at film festivals and winning awards and I finally got to see it! “Be like Bob!”

Saturday – Cougar Mountain
21m, 4:20, 4950′
Kate has a running group she meets up with every Saturday morning at 8am and since we only have one car, if I want to go running in the morning, this is where I have to be. Thankfully I had company as Nate, Drew, and Mike all joined me. I took everyone on my normal opening 6 mile loop and as the trail split Mike and I parted ways with Nate and Drew, moving to the south end of the park, piling on more vert and more miles I have self imposed on myself. If there’s a choice between the easy trail and hard trail, I’m a sucker for picking the hard trail. I just can’t help it. This was one of those days. With that said, Mike ran out of water for the last hour and half and didn’t say anything until we got back to car. And I thought I was the tough one.

Sunday – Tiger Mountain
13m, 3:17, 4250′
This was my hardest run of the week. Sunday’s usually are, if not because it’s the end of the training week. I found myself running this one by myself today, which I actually sort of enjoy. All thoughts escape my head and I worry about little things like, “what’s 155 divided by 12?” or “how many gels do I have left?” or “this is what I was thinking about the last time I was at this spot.” It’s easy to get lost outside of my head, just taking in and concentrating on breathing and running. It’s a blissful space. But today it was none of that. Finishing up a big training week and training block one, I was tired and it showed. With the entire east side of the mountain still carrying the snow from last week, I slowly slogged up 1,500 feet of snow, postholing as much as slipping and sliding. On my way down the T3 trail, as soon as I hit the most runnable of all runnable sections of the entire run, somehow I rolled my left ankle and after standing there cursing myself, I limped along for the next half mile. Next, my left achilles started to flare up and at a particular spot where I cramped up a few weeks, I could do nothing except worry about if it was going to happen again (yes, it started to). I stopped and took out a yellow mustard packet and took a shot of it, flushing it down with a gulp of water. To top it off, literally 5 feet from the end of the trail I tripped on air and bit it, catching myself with my gloved hands, shimmying my way through the only bit of mud that was present. I hated today’s run. Thank goodness next week is a down, easy week.

Weekly running miles: 50.8
Weekly running time: 10:12
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Fort Ebey Kettles trail marathon: 2 weeks
• Saddle Blazer trail marathon: 2 weeks
• Postoak trail marathon: 2 weeks
• Yakima 50k: 10 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 11 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 18 weeks

#37 with my friends.
#37 with my friends.
Seattle Granite Curling Club
Seattle Granite Curling Club
The majestic Olympics from TIger Mountain
The majestic Olympics from TIger Mountain
Just one of those days.
Just one of those days.
Trail to snowy Tiger 1
Trail to snowy Tiger 1

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