Training Week: 03/13/17 – 03/19/17

03/13/2017 – 03/19/2017
Didn’t hit my mileage and was slightly disappointed, but it probably turned out to be what I needed, even though last week was an easy week. Legs have been constantly fatigued. Finding myself starting to dread the double digit midweek run. Definitely not looking forward to the double digit weekend run starting with a 2. Uninspired not only to run, but to do any physical activity. Looking for any excuse. I found it this week and looking back on it, I’m actually ok with it.

Questions to you:
• What are your symptoms when you overtrain?
• How many times a week do you run?
• How many of your runs each week are double digits?

Monday – Capitol Hill and Seattle Bouldering Project
2m, 0:15, 100′ and 2:00 Bouldering
My SBP punch pass ran out and I forgot my credit card. Thankfully (or not depending on how you look at it) I have a my credit card number memorized. Paid, then not really feeling particularly inspired, spent most of the time at the climbing gym sitting around watching everyone else climb. Monday’s have a different crowd than my normal Tuesday, so it wasn’t all a waste, seeing people with different strengths tackle problems differently.

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
6m, 0:54, 500′
There’s so much rain recently, not even the worms can take it. They were everywhere and next to impossible to avoid. I knew the end of the week might not go as planned, so switched up my planned miles and tacked on a few just in case.

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
10m, 1:27, 11:00′
By the time I hit the Arboretum, it was dark outside which was just perfect, because I didn’t have a headlamp and since there’s no streetlights, I got to run  a mile perfectly in the pitch with  only the glow of the moon through the clouds to light the way.

Thursday – Capitol Hill, South Lake Union
14m, 2:07, 900′
A rare midweek back to back double digit mileage day. Legs felt decent. I still don’t like running on roads, but it’s nice to feel fast(ish).

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Didn’t run, but we drove on a recce of campsites and possible backpacking trip routes for this summer.

Sunday – Sounders 2017 Home Opener
It was the first game for the Seattle Sounders as the defending MLS Cup Champions! The Sounders broke the NY Red Bulls 18 game unbeaten streak and they won 3-1!

Weekly running miles: 33.2
Weekly running time: 4:43
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Yakima 50k: 5 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 6 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 13 weeks

Seattle Bouldering Project
Laurelhurst from Capitol Hill. Seattle.
@Reebok #FeelTheFloatride
The Cloud.
Grab a drink, have a seat, take your time.
Gold Star.

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