Training Week: 03/27/17 – 04/02/17

03/27/2017 – 04/02/2017
Another solid week of running just like last week! Finally hit my mileage, overshot my vert goal, and just felt good for every run this week. Perhaps it was the nice run of weather or conversation or the company. Perhaps it was getting over the hump in the training. Perhaps it was just a lucky streak of running. I don’t care really care. When it’s good, run with it. (See what I did there?) The weeks are only going to get harder for the next two months.

Finally pinned down and verified all my pacers for Bighorn, which is good for me because that’s one less thing I need to worry about organizing. It also lets everyone prepare themselves for a specific section of trail, none really which are any less than 14 miles or have an elevation change of less than 4,500′.

Questions to you:
• What’s your longest streak of consecutive days of running?
• Have you ever been a pacer? What’s your go to strategy to keep them moving?
• Have you ever had a pacer in a race? Do you like to lead or have them lead?

Monday – Foam Rolling
I don’t normally foam roll, so when I do, it hurts, a lot. Targeted my IT bands, quads, and hamstrings. They all fought back. I called mercy after 20 minutes.

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
1.5m, 0:213, 150′ and 2:00 Bouldering
A quick direct run to the climbing gym. At the climbing gym there was a well attended presentation about how to become a better climber through specific focused training. I didn’t actually listen to any of the presentation except for the part where they talked about cross training. The advice was to go do some sort of aerobic exercise once or twice a week for 20 minutes each, trying to stay in a zone 3 heart rate. It strikes me how completely different, different sports can be and what it takes to become proficient (or even dare I say good).

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
5.5m, 0:48, 900′ and 5m, 1:04, 300′
Sometimes I find it easier to break up my long weekday run into two shorter runs, especially when it’s threatening to rain (when has it not this year so far). The first run was a modification of my normal 6 mile loop, minus the really steep climbs. The second run was an easy family run on the normal 5 mile Capitol Hill loop.

Thursday – Capitol Hill
10.5m, 1:43, 900′
A shorter planned run turned into a slightly longer run because when an old college friend who you’ve been trying to get out the door for a run for the past year asks if you want to go for a run, you run as long or as far as they want.

Friday – Century Link Field
Sounders 0 – Atlanta 0

Saturday – Tiger Mountain
19.5m, 5:11, 7000′
Drew, Noah, Nate, Dakota and I went for a loop up TMT to K3 to Tiger 2, down Bypass, over One View, down Poo Section, and back along Bus Trail. We dropped Drew and Dakota off at the parking lot, before Nate, Noah and I left for another loop, this time TMT to Cable Line where we left Nate to fend for himself on the way down. Noah and I picked our way back down Cable Line all the way to the road, back up to TMT, down TMT, then made one last trip up to Tiger 3 up and down West Tiger 3 Trail. It was the most amount of vert we could think of in the least amount of miles without doubling up and running the same trail twice (except for those few times we hit lower TMT). Nate was kind enough to wait for us and we closed out the day with a trip to the Issaquah Brewery for burgers and suds. Good friends, good company, a good day on the trail. I could not have asked for much more for a Saturday. That’s not true. I could have done without the rain (again).

Sunday – Cougar Mountain
18m, 3:33, 3700′
Mike missed the day before, so we caught up for a back to back long run along the Seattle Running Club’s Cougar Mountain Trail Series 19.5 mile route. I felt fairly decent considering the amount of vert I did the day before and even managed to run a few of the uphills. We always solve the world’s problems on our runs and this run was no different.

Weekly running miles: 60.5
Weekly running time: 12:32
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Yakima 50k: 3 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 4 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 11 weeks

I was worried we wouldn’t see clouds today. (Said in my most sarcastic voice.)
Is the solution the process or the end goal?
I’m not like most hikers. I run on trails. Except this one. I actually did hike Cable Line.
Not sure if foam rolling or 10k of vert is harder.

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